PS5 restock at Amazon: Saturday drop possible? Location on May 14th

PS5 restock at Amazon: Saturday drop possible?  Location on May 14th
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PS5 restock at Amazon: the chances today

Right here the best chances about the Direct link to PS5 to back up.

An always hot candidate for a replenishment of the PS5 is and remains Amazon. But what are the chances of a restock of the classic ones PlayStation 5 on Amazon? It’s best to check this at any time. Because drops come just as fast as they go again. But beware: the consoles are usually only available there for Prime customers. Our tip: Activate Amazon Prime now!

Update: The situation on May 14th

It’s been raining PS5 consoles in the UK this week! In Germany we are waiting all the more excitedly today! Is the German drop for the PS5 finally coming today?

Our tip for today: That PS5 bundle with “Horizon Forbidden West” continues to be a hot contender for the next restock, as indicated by the newly added note “Prime members have priority access to the PlayStation 5”. Check the current situation here:

Last was that too digital edition available at Amazon. Alternatively, many third-party retailers currently offer the Digital Edition, albeit at higher prices than the RRP. On the direct link you can see all retailers currently offering the PS5 Digital Edition on Amazon.

Buy PS5 from Amazon: Bundle restock planned?

We’re also looking forward to an upcoming one Bundle restockwhich is for example for that Ratchet & Clank PS5 Bundle could give. There you will also find the information for Prime users. Our tip: Check the current availability every day!

This can also be found hidden in the online shop Bundle the PS5 with Spider-Man. A regular check is absolutely worthwhile:

Restock of the PS5 at Media Markt and Saturn?

We are still eagerly awaiting an increase media market and Saturn. For a few days now, the product times for the Playstation 5 have included the note “Coming soon”. Is this a possible sales preparation?

PS5 replenishment at other retailers

The rumors that there will be supplies from Alternate and other retailers are meanwhile intensifying. OTTO gave the last drop. We will keep you up to date and keep an eye on all other retailers. Here you come directly to the important shop pages where the PS5 could be found:

Current information about the PS5 restock at Amazon

If you want to get hold of a brand new Playstation 5, you have had to keep your eyes open for weeks, no, months and look diligently for deals. Many dealers are currently trying to replenish their inventory and are hoping for more from Sony. Including, of course, Amazon, who usually delight their Prime customers with new PS5 consoles every month. So it’s likely that the next console restock on Amazon won’t be long in coming!


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