PS5 at Media Markt & Saturn: Sony news, availability, dealers

PS5 at Media Markt & Saturn: Sony news, availability, dealers
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Updated May 12th

News circulated yesterday that Sony has once again sent out invitations to PSN users who will be able to buy the PS5 from the Playstation Direct Store between 10:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. today, May 12. We will follow!

Also a few days ago there was news: at 5 o’clock in the morning there was only Amazon a PS5 drop Out, at 9:25 a.m. followed Otto with a double bundle from PS5 and the games Horizon Forbidden West and Spider Man. Our prognosis: The week could go wild and you have a great chance of winning one PlayStation 5 get.

Media Markt and Saturn last released consoles on April 28th. Including this >>PS5 bundle with “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Gran Tourismo 7”. At Media Markt there were also individual consoles and bundles in the online shop. After both markets were able to sell thousands of consoles, the offers gradually thinned out. Currently it seems Cancellations due to congestion to give the server.

>> PS5 overview page at Saturn

>> PS5 overview page at Media Markt

The alternative: check Amazon

Also at dealers Amazon there should be another drop soon. In focus: the bundle from >>Playstation 5 and Horizon Forbidden West.

Check the current availability here via the direct links >> PlayStation 5 and >> PS5 Digital Edition. But beware: As a rule, only Prime customers can grab a PS5. As a precaution, you can already >> create a Prime account.

PS5 restock soon possible at Saturn and Media Markt

The restock of the Playstation 5 at Saturn and Media Markt could continue at any time. In the online shops we already find the hidden clue “Available again soon”. So far it always said “permanently sold out”. Is that a sign of preparation? These links take you directly to the important product pages and you can access them immediately:

>> PS5 at Saturn

>> PS5 Digital Edition at Saturn

>> PS5 at Media Markt

>> PS5 Digital Edition at Media Markt

PlayStation 5: replenishment at Saturn and Media Markt

Updated May 6th

Our forecast: As it stands, the chances of getting hold of a Playstation 5 could be good today. There should be a drop on Amazon with the bundle of Playstation 5 and Horizon Forbidden West. Here, too, let me tell you again: If you can get hold of one, be quick and grab it! Only a few days ago there was already a drop of the PlayStation5 Digital Edition without a disc drive.

Updated May 4th

On May 4th, Amazon released a small stock of the Digital Edition for sale – the first this week among all retailers! A week earlier, almost every major sales giant in Germany was there.

Getting hold of a Playstation 5 is currently about as difficult as trying to find a €500 bill on the street. The popular console from Sony is sold out for months. The reason for this is delivery bottlenecks for important components. Our observations show that gaming fans have the chance to grab one of the few available consoles about once a month. When will the big PS5 restock come to Amazon? He’s supposed to be imminent. Experts have been rumored for weeks that the Replenishment from 10,000 to 20,000 Playstation 5 is on the way to Germany. In addition to Amazon, other retailers such as Media Markt and Saturn are also high on the list for possible supplies. Is there the long-awaited restock today?

Important to know: Attentive customers agree that there will soon be a restock. Because both Saturn and Media Markt have increased their PS5 bundle offers. Well hidden in the online shop, the product pages have already been created here. A hot indication of a possible sales preparation. Here we have an overview of all secret deals:


PS5 bundles listed at Saturn and Media Markt: is a big drop imminent?

PS5 Bundles: Listed at Media Markt and Saturn… Read more “


PS5 with Ratchet & Clank: Does Amazon have the bundle in stock today?

Buying a used PS5: Today models are finally available again from rebuy?

PS5 Restock at Otto: Replenishment now on the way?

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