Project “Retro Gaming Anno 2007”

Project “Retro Gaming Anno 2007”
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sometimes you have crazy ideas, I think my current one is one of them.
I recently thought about building a retro gaming box for Anno 2007 with my nephew.
My motives are A: my nephews more of DIY and “Do it right!” plug it in and B: play hardware that was unattainable for me at the time.
Professionally, I’m in IT all day, but more in the enterprise / server sector, so this is my first water cooling system for me.

Now I need your help regarding suggestions, best practices, tips and personal opinions.

Construction plan hardware:
Intel QX6850
4x 2GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer 800MHz
EVGA nForce 680I SLI 775
2x GeForce 8800 GTX in SLI (possibly with ULTRA Bios Mod)
Innovatek Cool-Power 500W PSU WaKü (probably has too little power and must be replaced)
240GB Samsung DC SATA SSD (trust issue)
ThermalTake Armor LCS Aluminum
Aquacomputer Aquero 4 USB
DVD drive

Blueprint WaKü:
CPU: ? What would be appropriate here for the epoch? Currently thinking of Alphacool
RAM: Not important
MoBo (NB, SB, 2x VRM): ? Currently looking for suitable EKWB cooling blocks for it, may have found leftovers in the USA. waiting for answer
2x GPU: Innovatek Cool-Matic G80 (aluminum)
WHEEL 240MM Front: ?
Fan: ?
Pump: ?

Radiator -> AGB -> Pump -> Mobo-SB -> GPU2 -> GPU1 -> Mobo-NB -> CPU -> VRM1 (Left) -> VRM2 (Top) -> PSU(?) -> Radiator – .. .
I’m trying to meander my way from the components below to the top. I personally believe that there are far too many components for a normal WaKü, especially with the 4 (!) WaKü coolers on the mobo. I read in the FAQs that two circuits would be extra stupid.


Timely oriented to 2007. No RGB, “old school”. Currently planning to use Soft-Tubes and fill them with Crystal Clear (color unknown, currently thinking green) UV. Then UV cold light cathodes (where can I still get something like this today?) and possibly such G1/4 plugs with UV LEDs. Suggestions are welcome. I wanted to leave the case as original as possible, if smaller work needs to be done (milling, drilling, grinding) then it just comes up and has to be done. But it shouldn’t be a “case mod” for now.

All cables in the box are to be sleeved later, possibly in green with UV activation.

It doesn’t have to be exact for the year, but it should fit the time. Some parts are probably harder to find due to their age, so you have to improvise from the current range. But it shouldn’t look like the model year 2022 just ordered from or

Water cooling control:
Thought of an Aquero 4 USB, but it is from 2009. But it looks suitable. But I’m not sure if it’s all that good and makes sense.

Previous fuck-ups:

  • Wrong 8800 cooler bought (AquagraFX G92, but need G80) 35€
  • Wrong GraKa bought (ASUS8800 GTS 512MB with AquagraFX G92) 40€
  • Bought GraKa again (ASUS 8800 GTS 768MB with Innovatek G80 cooler, but is incompatible for 8800 GTX (thanks to xdevilx for the tip) 35€
  • Bought the wrong mobo (EVGA nForce 780I water-cooled, but the coolers are apparently not original and I wanted to use DDR2 -> wrong generation, retrofitting the water cooler is almost impossible) 65€
  • Incorrect fan control (NZXT Sentry, but that is a fan control, not a water cooling control) 40€

Until now: 215 Fuck Up Euros.
Interim conclusion: Must build a second system so that I can get it back in. Then with 2x 8800GTS and DDR3…
Also, think before you buy! I’m really looking forward to the project.

Currently unclear points for me where I need your opinion:

  • CPU cooler, what do I take here for So 775
  • Mobo cooler, anyone have an idea where I can get these old special parts for EVGA/XFX
  • Tubes: Is there any reason for me to be nude. hard tubes and overload me even more? Currently planning with Aquacomputer Softtubes 13/10.
  • Radiator: Should I use or replace the one that came with the Thermaltake Armor LCS? Think after 15 years the thing is gone. Besides, is that enough of the waste heat at all? Where can I put more radiators? I can’t get that super smart from the spec sheet of the case.
  • Pump & AGB: What is contemporary for the time around 2006 / 2007? In the FAQs I often read about Eheim and that my terms and conditions should have at least 150ML. Pump with integrated AGB or rather separate?
  • Fans: There are probably Noctua fans that have been developed for WaKü. Otherwise, I’m still planning with BeQuiet, but that’s more out of desperation, because I don’t know what it’s supposed to be. 15-year-old fans are rather stupid and loud, but the new stuff is out of date.
  • Aquero, does that even make sense?
  • The Innovatek WaKü Cool-Power 500W power supply unit probably has too little power. Unfortunately, other WaKü power supplies are no longer so easy to obtain. The successor with 850W would be better. I’m aware that it’s knick-knacks, I’m more concerned with the overall impression.

As you can see, I’ve had a bit of a headache, but I really need your help and advice now. I’m on page 800 and down in the WaKü forum and look here and there. Really great that the forum has been around for so long and I can go back in time. I have also read some FAQs. But a lot is just experience. So please share with me, I’m open minded.

Best regards from the Rhineland,
Bobby (The username needs to be changed)

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