Product Check: 3-in-1 Wave Charge by GRAV Goods with MagSafe

Product Check: 3-in-1 Wave Charge by GRAV Goods with MagSafe
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Apple had very ambitious plans with AirPower, which ultimately brought the project to failure. A lot has happened since then and more and more manufacturers are using the gap to launch their own 3-in-1 chargers for the iPhone, the Apple Watch and the AirPods Pro. They all look more or less the same, except for the Wave Charge by GRAV Goods. We will clarify here whether it offers more than just a chic design.

Packaging, content as well as processing and feel

The Wave Charge in black with a silver base comes in a cardboard box that is somewhat unloving but has a sustainable design. At least the manufacturer doesn’t use plastic foil: the inside is very straightforward: in addition to the charger, there is also a power supply unit and a USB-C charger with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0.

The workmanship is solid, slight gap dimensions, the charger is made up of three components, which are only noticeable if you look closely or run your fingernail over them. We particularly like this soft-touch surface, which gives the whole thing a pleasant feel. The base is made of aluminum and is sufficiently heavy. Together with the rubber nubs on the underside, this prevents it from shifting when you take the iPhone off.

use in everyday life

Perhaps the most important question first: Yes, the Wave Charge is MagSafe-compatible, as the screen display on the iPhone proves as soon as you magnetically clip the iPhone onto the space in front of it. The maximum charging power is just under 10.5 watts, the watch is charged with 5 watts and the AirPods with 2.5 watts, resulting in a total power of 18 watts.

The MagSafe loading graphic

Charging itself works very reliably if you place the iPhone and Apple Watch properly. But we have to chalk up a small weakness to the WaveCharger: Both the magnetic ring on the charger and the holder for the watch could be a little stronger in terms of “adhesive power”. If you don’t put the devices on carefully, they won’t be pulled into the right position and the charging process won’t start. The original MagSafe charging accessory is a bit stronger here.

The WaveCharger in use with iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods

Otherwise, the WaveCharger is beyond any doubt and has proven to be reliable and robust. We also find the LED light bar to be a nice gimmick, which varies in color depending on the charge status and the number of devices connected. The additional USB-A port is also positive, but we did not use it in practice – especially since the charging capacity of 18 watts does not allow for any other device to be charged in our opinion.


The WaveCharger scores above all with its design and is aimed at customers who have a certain aesthetic sensitivity. iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods charge reliably when placed correctly. In our opinion, small weaknesses such as the USB-C cable in black and the slightly too low charging power of only 18 watts do not reflect an RRP of €95. However, the WaveCharger has been available for around €67 for a while and that is definitely a clear buy recommendation.

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