Playstation Plus: Sony’s game subscription from June 23 with numerous blockbusters

Playstation Plus: Sony’s game subscription from June 23 with numerous blockbusters
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Sony has announced the library of its upcoming Playstation Plus game subscription. Monthly paying customers get access to numerous top-class titles, including “God of War”, “Ghost of Tsushima”, “Death Stranding” and “Marvel’s Spider-Man”. “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” and “Red Dead Redemption 2” are also included in the subscription.

However, this only applies to the “Playstation Plus Extra” and “Playstation Plus Premium” subscription levels, which are to be offered in some markets as a somewhat limited “Playstation Plus Deluxe” variant. The basic variant “Playstation Plus Essential” largely corresponds to the previous Playstation Plus and offers access to multiplayer modes of online games for 9 euros per month. The portfolio of free games are not part of the Essential subscription.

The next level is called “Playstation Plus Extra” and offers access to all the games mentioned for 14 euros per month. who “Playstation Plus Premium” Subscribe for 17 euros per month, also gets access to some classic games like “Worms Armageddon” and “Bioshock Remastered”, which are missing in the two cheaper tiers. According to Sony, some of these classic games have been updated or can be streamed. Premium subscribers can also test selected games for two hours. At launch, this should be possible with “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Horizon Forbidden West”. These games are not part of the subscription in their full version.

All three new variants of Sony’s gaming subscription will be offered in Europe from June 23, Sony writes in a blog post. You can also find the full list of games that will be available at each subscription tier there. In addition to Sony titles, this includes several games from Ubisoft, which also announced a partnership with Sony.

Sony only wants to transfer its own new releases to the Playstation Plus subscription at a later date: Younger titles such as “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Gran Turismo 7” are therefore still missing from the subscription. According to Sony, the production budget for such titles would have to be reduced in order to be able to offer them directly as a subscription. Microsoft follows a different strategy with its Xbox Game Pass and also publishes new releases directly in its subscription.

Compared to Microsoft, Playstation Plus is also more expensive, at least as a monthly subscription: The Xbox Game Pass costs 10 euros a month in its standard version, which contains all games. If you want to play and stream online, you pay 13 euros per month. Microsoft does not offer half-yearly or annual subscriptions. Sony, on the other hand, offers several subscription options. In addition to the monthly 14 euros, Playstation Plus Extra can also be purchased for 40 euros for three months (equivalent to 13.3 euros per month) or 100 euros per year (8.3 euros per month).

Playstation Plus Premium costs 17 euros per month, 50 euros per quarter (16.6 euros per month) and 120 euros per year (10 euros per month). The calculation shows: The three-month subscription offers hardly any savings, as a subscriber to the annual subscription, on the other hand, you can save a lot. Whether this is worth it in the long term also depends on the speed at which Sony adds new games. Sony promises two portfolio updates per month, but the number of games added will vary.

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