“Playboy” dropout packs up: Hugh Hefner controlled his bunnies so brutally

“Playboy” dropout packs up: Hugh Hefner controlled his bunnies so brutally
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Wild parties, beautiful people and lots of luxury. THIS is how “Playboy” founder Hugh Hefner (†91) presented life in the “Playboy Mansion”. The reality? The complete opposite!

A former confidant and employee of Hefner unpacks in the BILD interview about the machinations of the “Playboy” boss …

Miki Garcia (75) is the daughter of a master sergeant in the United Air Force and grew up in Germany, among other places, where her father was stationed in Frankfurt am Main for a few years. At the age of 13, the American won her first beauty pageant.

Miki Garcia 1971 auf HawaiiPhoto: imago/ZUMA Press

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Miki Garcia in Hawaii in 1971Photo: imago/ZUMA Press

She caught the interest of Playboy editor Hugh Hefner, who named her Playmate of the Month in the January 1973 issue. A career followed as head of the Playmate promotions department.

But: After the violent death of Playmate Dorothy Stratten († 20), who was raped by her ex in 1980 and then shot, she turned away from Hefner.

Why? She herself saw how the entrepreneur made young women docile. It was only after his death that the extent of his dirty dealings became clear. It’s about earlier sex videos and pornographic photos.

Miki Garcia ist ehemaliges Playmate und arbeitete viele Jahre hinter den Kulissen des MagazinsPhoto: A+E Networks/Miki Garcia

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Miki Garcia is a former Playmate and worked behind the scenes at the magazine for many yearsPhoto: A+E Networks/Miki Garcia

BILD: What kind of man was Hugh Hefner in real life?

Mike Garcia: “Hefner put out this glamorous image of himself. In reality, he was a very cold and calculating man who didn’t care about girls’ feelings. He was downright brutal, and anyone watching the ‘Secrets of Playboy’ documentary will be shocked. Hefner has controlled the girls’ every step, right down to their personal lives. Girls who got into that system were trapped, and those who stayed at his mansion had to expect him to come wanting sex.”

Hugh Hefner feiert seinen 72. Geburtstag mit seinen „Bunnies“Photo: action press

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Hugh Hefner celebrated his 72nd birthday with his “Bunnys”Photo: action press

Die „Playboy“-MansionPhoto: Archive Photos/Getty Images

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The Playboy MansionPhoto: Archive Photos/Getty Images

BILD: Why didn’t you take action against Hefner earlier?

Mike Garcia: “I was silenced after a 1985 misadventure allegation of Hefner forcing women into orgies and using drugs. He called me a liar, but I never stopped investigating. I am often asked by former employees whether there could still be a sex tape with them. Recordings must have been made in his bedroom. Fear that they would be filmed held many back to protect themselves from retaliation.”

BILD: Weren’t you afraid too?

Mike Garcia: “He didn’t have sex with me. Although I didn’t want to sleep with him, I was not turned down and was allowed to work for his company’s promotions department.”

Hefner soll den jungen Frauen, die in der Villa gelebt haben Kokain und Alkohol gegeben haben, sollen so „unter Kontrolle“ gehalten worden seinPhoto: FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

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Hefner allegedly gave cocaine and alcohol to the young women who lived in his mansion. This is how they are said to have been kept “under control”.Photo: FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

BILD: Have you ever had to be afraid of Hefner?

Mike Garcia: “Of course I was scared of him after I left. I knew he had ways to have me killed. But he tried to intimidate me by offering me money for not writing a book about Playboy and Hefner. When publishers expressed interest, Hefner threatened us with his lawyers. That was scary. It made me realize that getting my story out would be difficult.”


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