Pixel watch, tablet and more: has Google woken up from a deep sleep?

Pixel watch, tablet and more: has Google woken up from a deep sleep?
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At this year’s Google I/O, some couldn’t believe their eyes. Google announced its own Android tablet and even its own smartwatch. Colleagues of ours are absolutely right in saying that Google is finally reviving some products that were thought dead. The product areas that have been left to Apple until now should also get a new boost under Android. In general, it seems as if Samsung doesn’t want to be left alone.

Wear OS had to wait for Samsung’s comeback

Samsung is now fully into Wear OS and has dug the operating system from its grave. If Wear OS did not get over the hurdle of 4 percent market share in the past four years, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 alone caused a boom in 2021. Most recently, it was over 17 percent market share and thus only 4 percent less than watchOS from Apple.

The strongest Android brand to date has provided an insane drive that Google now wants to pick up itself. One strengthens the Wear OS ecosystem with many new apps and app updates. In addition, starting next fall, we will have our first Pixel Watch – which we have been anticipating for many years. We hope that Fitbit, Fossil and Co. will also benefit from this and bring cool new products!

Android tablets never died out entirely because of Samsung

Again, Samsung plays an important role. While many manufacturers have only launched a few Android tablets, Samsung continued to believe in the platform. There were expensive and cheap devices, with the Galaxy Tab S8 series even a veritable firework and real high-end tablets. Google is now back and expanding the ecosystem in the tablet sector.

This includes updates for your own apps. The big announcement for Google I/O is already being followed by the first actions – for example with Google Lens and the calculator app. In the coming year, Google will also launch its own Android tablet for the Pixel series. A few months ago, Android 12L was the first major Android update with improvements for tablets since Android 3 Honeycomb.

Google Glass is kinda back too

And that’s not all. Google also unearthed the long-forgotten Google Glass. The new project doesn’t have a name yet, but goes in a similar direction. The prototype of a new AR glasses was demonstrated. Unfortunately, an early market launch is not in sight.

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