Pixel Feature Drop June 2022

Pixel Feature Drop June 2022
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With yesterday’s Android Security Bulletin, Google also launched the quarterly Pixel Feature Drop. This contains some innovations.

Pixel Feature Drop June 2022 – This is new

The Pixel Feature Drop for June 2022 contains the following innovations for all Pixel phones from Pixel 4:

  • Pocket Operator for Pixel (English only) – Record video content and turn it into fun music and video edits
  • Digital vaccination card directly on the home screen (available in Australia, Canada and the USA)
  • Nest Doorbell video feed, flashlight reminders, air quality alerts in US, Australia, India
  • New wallpapers for Pride Month
  • Sound Amplifier conversational mode, no more background noise
  • Google Photos Real Tone Filter
  • Car accident detection in Canada from Pixel 3 and higher
  • Chat translation in Messages is now available for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Thai and Turkish.

Make your own music – turn everyday noises into music

So far only available in English on Pixel 5 and newer, the pocket operator™ app for Pixel™, developed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, will make it possible to capture video content and convert it into music and video editing.

You can layer different sounds, add visual effects to mix and create your own tracks.

pocket operator™ for Pixel™
pocket operator™ for Pixel™

Direct access to your vaccination record from the home screen

At a Glance – 3 new features

Nest Doorbell video feed: When someone rings your Nest doorbell, the lock screen now shows who is at your door. This feature requires a compatible Nest doorbell (sold separately) and the Google Home or Nest app.

Flashlight reminder: At a Glance will now display a reminder if your flashlight is accidentally turned on. There is also a direct shortcut to turn off the lamp.

Coming soon! Air Quality Alerts: Poor air quality warnings will soon be issued in the US, Australia and India.

New wallpapers for Pride Month

To celebrate Pride Month, Google collaborated with illustrator Yann Bastard to create three new wallpapers for the Curated Culture collection. A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Yann has a penchant for big, bold shapes and bright colors. He was born in Zaragoza, Spain and now lives in Rennes, France.

20220607 Pride Month Culture Curated

Sound Amplifier conversation mode

Conversation mode, previously in beta first on Pixel phones, has arrived in the Sound Amplifier app on Pixel 3 and newer. Designed for and with people with hearing loss, Sound Amplifier uses your phone to amplify and filter important sounds around you. Based on a deep learning model, Conversation mode amplifies the voice you want and filters out distracting background noise and other voices. Use your camera to focus on the person you want to talk to.

Plus, with noise cancellation in Google Meet, there’s great audio quality everywhere. The Google Meet noise canceling feature filters out background noise, like traffic or a dog barking, so you can be heard loud and clear no matter where you are. No work account required, this feature is available to all Pixel users.

Other helpful features for Pixel users

  • Real Tone Filters in Google Photos
  • Existing features like car crash detection is now available in Canada for Pixel 3 and later (excluding 3a).
  • Live Translate in Google Messages for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro now available in Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Thai and Turkish.

So far, however, nothing is in sight of Face Unlock.

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