Ping-Pong in the Weiser Poker and competition for Werder

Ping-Pong in the Weiser Poker and competition for Werder
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Bremen – In the meantime it looked as if Mitchell Weiser’s personnel would be decided quickly: But SV Werder Bremen, Bayer Leverkusen and the player have not yet been able to agree on a transfer, although all three parties are striving for exactly this solution. Financially, however, it is not yet right to turn the rental into a purchase. In the meantime, those involved are shifting responsibility back and forth, while apparently other interested parties are positioning themselves.

“It’s up to Werder and Mitch to find a solution,” said Bayer Leverkusen’s Sports director Simon Rolfes at the beginning of the week for the “Rheinische Post”. The words of the former Werder professional can certainly be understood as an answer to Frank Baumann’s statement. “We have lodged our interest with Mitchell and with Leverkusen. It’s not in our hands at the moment, ”said the sports director of the SV Werder Bremen announced eleven days ago via the “Bild” newspaper.

Werder Bremen transfers: No fee to Bayer Leverkusen, but also no compensation for Mitchell Weiser

But who has to decide now? The answer to that is not very simple. As is so often the case in football, it’s about money. Because actually has Mitchell Weiser long since established that he would like to lend more time to the one-year loan Werder Bremen want to follow. After a difficult phase in Leverkusen am Osterdeich, the 28-year-old has regained his footing in sport and otherwise feels comfortable at Werder. Only the people of Bremen cannot pay him the salary that Leverkusen paid him four years ago at his change from Hertha BSC to the Werksclub. There is talk of 3.6 million euros per year.

Last season has Bayer Leverkusen almost 90 percent of them taken over in order to get rid of the right-back at least temporarily. But the contract runs for another year. From July 1st would be Mitchell Weiser another Bayer pro. But there is still no place for him. Leverkusen would let him go for free, which is paid for at Hertha BSC transfer fee of twelve million euros is already remarkable, but there should no longer be a severance payment for Weiser. Rolfes makes that very clear with his statement.

Werder Bremen transfers: Mitchell Weiser is playing poker – but Werder is looking for alternatives

Weiser’s salary in Bayer dimension would be at Werder Bremen beyond the scope, because no player in the squad would get more money. And a right-back as a top earner would also be a bit untypical for the industry. So is also Mitchell Weiser required in the negotiations. “Of course I would money waive. Money doesn’t really play that much of a role,” the former Bayern player emphasized in the final spurt of the season. Now he could show how serious he was about it. On the other hand, the former U21 international should also have inquiries from other clubs. It is not known whether they are more interesting from a financial point of view.

Of course would Werder Bremen the case Mitchell Weiser like to solve it as soon as possible in order to have the player with you at the start of the preparations in a week if possible. But there shouldn’t be an ultimatum. Nevertheless, the climber keeps an eye out for alternatives. If, contrary to expectations, it doesn’t work out with Weiser, another right-back should definitely be signed. If possible someone who already has a certain amount of experience and already knows the Bundesliga. A second sage is hard to find. Although he caused one or two difficulties during the course of the season because of the quarantine rules, his sporting value is undisputed – especially when it comes to his offensive qualities. As a right-back in front of a three-man chain, the 28-year-old could also play in the Bundesliga be an important factor. But first everyone involved has to agree. After all, you know each other very well. Leverkusen’s Rolfes once played in Bremen, Werder’s head of professional football Clemens Fritz came as a player from the Rhine to the Weser. (knee)

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