Pietro Lombardi and his beautiful ex: love news!

Pietro Lombardi and his beautiful ex: love news!
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They love each other, they don’t love each other, they love each other…

It’s nothing new that celebrity love affairs can get turbulent. But with these two, even die-hard fans are likely to lose track! We are talking about singer Pietro Lombardi (29) and influencer Laura Maria Rypa (26).

They seem to have gotten closer again after months of on-off banter. Pietro now revealed that in his stories.

Sie war nach seiner Scheidung von Sarah Engels (29) die erste Frau, die Pietro seinen Fans präsentierte: Influencerin Laura Maria RypaPhoto: Instagram

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After his divorce from Sarah Engels (29), she was the first woman that Pietro presented to his fans: influencer Laura Maria RypaPhoto: Instagram

In a question and answer session on Wednesday, the pop star responded to a fan’s objection as to why he was making such a secret about Laura: “I think it’s no longer a secret that there was a long back and forth between us. What I can definitely say: Yes, we are in contact and talk to each other a lot. Why not, we just want to take it easy. When the time is right, I will share everything with you.”

Sounds like a tentative love comeback!

Auf Instagram stellte sich Pietro den neugierigen Fragen seiner FansPhoto: n.onane/Instagram

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Pietro answered the curious questions of his fans on InstagramPhoto: n.onane/Instagram

Their love is more turbulent than any soap opera

Pietro was with the beautiful paralegal for a few weeks in 2020. But the relationship between the two ended as quickly as it flared up. “For me personally, I was a means to an end, but that doesn’t matter anymore,” the DSDS winner later commented bitterly on the love off.

The ex-dream couple surprisingly flew on vacation to Greece after the breakup. Nevertheless, Pietro has been officially single since then.

And also for Laura Maria the romance seemed over. In January, the 26-year-old surprised her (and Pietro’s) fans with a changed relationship status on Instagram, posting a lock and a heart emoji on her profile. The message: I’m definitely taken! At the time, she did not reveal who was lucky – whether her ex Pietro or a completely different man.

SHE was spotted on the set of his new show

Both the heart and lock emoji have since disappeared from Lara Maria’s bio, but it seems like she and Pietro are on the way to trying again: the influencer was recently spotted on the set of Pietro’s new talent show.

Im Vordergrund sehen wir Sänger Cristobal Galvez am Set von Pietros neuer Talentshow. Im Hintergrund ganz links ist Laura Maria Rypa im Gespräch mit Pietro zu erkennenPhoto: n.onane/Instagram

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/im-vordergrund-sehen-wir-saenger-cristobal-galvez-am-set-von-pietros-neuer-talentshow-im-background- -c1010305f2ff4715b1625ddc88c88fde-80137084/image/4.image.jpg”/>

In the foreground we see singer Cristobal Galvez on the set of Pietro’s new talent show. In the background on the far left Laura Maria Rypa can be seen in conversation with PietroPhoto: n.onane/Instagram

The possible love comeback was discovered quite by accident: singer Cristobal Galvez (34) actually only wanted to post a story about the shooting of Pietro’s show. In the background, however, Laura Maria Rypa can be seen several times.

A look at her outfit shows that it is actually the blonde: In Cristobal Galvez’s stories, the model wears light-colored jeans, a white shirt and black, chunky boots. On a post that Lara Maria published a little later from the roof of a Cologne studio complex, she poses in exactly this outfit.

Weißes Oversize-Hemd, Skinny Jeans und dicke Boots – dasselbe Outfit trägt die Pietro-Ex später auf einem Instagram-Post …Photo: n.onane/Instagram

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/weißes-oversize-hemd-skinny-jeans-und-dicke-boots–the-pietro-ex-laeter-wears-the-same-outfit- -on-e-c5d960dc88774dcdbbe0659b6e3d1c7b-80136580/image/4.image.jpg”/>

White oversize shirt, skinny jeans and thick boots – Pietro-Ex later wears the same outfit on an Instagram post …Photo: n.onane/Instagram

So SHE visits HIM at work. A romantic couple’s outing will certainly not be long in coming…


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