Philips Hue offers: Here you can buy smart lighting systems at special prices

Philips Hue offers: Here you can buy smart lighting systems at special prices
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Philips Hue bulbs are currently on sale at some retailers. We have subjected the deals to a price comparison and show which ones are particularly worthwhile.

With Philips Hue, your lighting becomes smart. (Source: Phillips)

The popular Philips Hue lamps and lights have long been a household classic. With the smart gadgets you can control the light in the whole house with your cell phone, let stylish LEDs shine in different colors or adjust the lamps to the TV.

Fully equipping the house or apartment can quickly become very expensive. But every now and then there are some good deals. We show you the current top deals below.

Whether it’s Media Markt, Saturn, eBay or Otto, whether in a brochure or online: we’ll show you the best deals in our buying guides. You can find offers similar to this one here, for example, on the following pages:

The Hue portfolio at a glance

Since there are many different models and gadgets, it is not easy to find the right one. That’s why we have summarized the most popular models for you and compared them with each other.

starter sets

The starter sets consist of two or three light bulbs and a Hue Bridge, which is a kind of control center for the lamps. The light bulbs are available in different variants and colors, resulting in prices ranging from 79.99 euros to 189.99 euros. In principle, these kits have a good price-performance ratio, since the bridge alone costs 59.99. In the sale, the kits could get good discounts and be 30 percent cheaper.

The most important thing about these starter sets is probably the Hue Bridge. This enables new functions and expands the possible uses. Although all lamps can also be controlled via Bluetooth without, the bridge improves the user experience enormously. It enables individual light frequencies, timers, synchronization of light and TV and much more.


Of course you can also buy lamps individually, without the bridge or other accessories. The cheapest variant here is 19.99 euros and offers white light as well as the standard functions such as control via Bluetooth. The most expensive version is 69.99 euros and offers different colors and additional control functions.

Smart home overview

The smart home is gradually conquering households. Lamps and heaters are controlled by smartphone, the lawn is automatically watered and mowed and the apartment is cleaned by the vacuum robot. Netzwelt reveals which of the smart devices are really worthwhile.

In the area in between there are various types of lamps, whereby everyone has to decide for themselves what kind of light and lighting is best for them.

light strips

The Philips Hue LED light strips can also be integrated into the smart home system and controlled via app or voice. Even if the quality and luminosity of the LEDs is basically very good, the price is quite high. A basic set with 2 meter Lightstrips costs 79.99 euros. The outdoor version with five meters even costs 189.99 euros.

The whole thing becomes even more expensive with the LEDs for televisions. Although these can adapt their colors to the TV picture, they cost 179.99 euros for a 55-inch device.

to shine

In addition to the light bulbs and LEDs, there are also normal lamps for inside and outside. A normal wall lamp costs around 70 euros to 150 euros depending on the model. There are also floor lamps for 269.99 euros or garden lamps for 89.99 euros. The selection is huge here too.


In addition, there are suitable accessories for virtually most areas of application in the house. Whether motion detectors or smart plugs, you can find a lot with Philips Hue. It’s not clear if the accessories are discounted, but it might be worth keeping an eye out for. Sometimes there are also free accessories for already discounted lamps or similar.

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