Pebble founder wants iPhone Mini with Android

Pebble founder wants iPhone Mini with Android
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Successful smartphones have to be big. This assumption alone suggests Apple’s decision to discontinue the iPhone Mini after just two generations and to replace it with a normal iPhone Max. There is certainly a small, loyal fan base of smaller devices, but the general public apparently prefers smartphones with six inches or even more.

This also bothers the founder of the legendary, but ultimately failed e-ink smartwatch Pebble, the end of which I only recently reported. Now Eric Migicovsky has published what he calls a kind of “manifesto” on a specially created website called

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“It is becoming increasingly clear that a small, premium cell phone is not on the agenda for any OEM.”

In his opinion, the advantages of small smartphones are that they are lighter, fit well in trouser pockets, do not fall out even when cycling and are easy to use with one hand. His reasons for starting this petition:

It is becoming increasingly clear that a small, premium cell phone is not on the agenda for any OEM. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. My goal is to rally other small phone fans and put pressure on google/samsung/anyone to consider making a small phone.

Migicovsky’s aim with the call is to make manufacturers aware of the need for small smartphones and to convince them to produce a small premium Android phone – nobody would have dared to do that since the end of Sony’s Compact series. Migicovsky estimates that at least 50,000 digital signatures are needed to achieve his goal. According to the website, there are currently around 6,000.

Small Premium Android Phone: When in doubt, he would do it himself

In the direst of emergencies, the tech veteran would even start a smartphone company himself, but he hopes it doesn’t come to that: “If nobody else builds one and enough people sign up, I might be forced to build it myself.”


According to Migicovsky, only 5 percent of all iPhones sold are minis, which would correspond to around ten million smartphones per year. “For Apple, 10 million phones are peanuts. But for an independent company, 10 million devices a year would be spectacular,” says Migicovsky. If the iPhone Mini were to be discontinued, those 10 million people would need a new home. But whether that can then be an Android smartphone? Just because Migicovsky isn’t personally a fan of iOS doesn’t mean he can draw conclusions about himself from others.

The mini Android smartphone should be able to do that

He actually only has three requirements for his dream smartphone, which ideally costs between 700 and 800 US dollars at most:

  • Display under 6 inch, same size and design as iPhone 13 Mini
  • great cameras
  • Stock Android

He lists other, relatively self-evident must-have and nice-to-have specifications on his website if you are interested.

Sadly, as worthy of his proposition as he is, I doubt Micigovsky’s claim will reach the ears of any manufacturer, let alone convince them to make a premium small Android phone. But it’s always worth a try. Would you buy such a device?


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