PC Gaming Show: Roguelike Deckbuilder Nitro Kid Revealed, Demo Available On Steam Next Fest – PIXEL.

PC Gaming Show: Roguelike Deckbuilder Nitro Kid Revealed, Demo Available On Steam Next Fest – PIXEL.
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Fighting an evil corporation with a badass kung fu attitude, Nitro Kid, a roguelike deck builder from developer Wildboy Studios and publisher tinyBuild revealed today at the PC Gaming Show, is coming to PC via Steam later this year. The first public demo of this homage to the neon-colored Cyber-80s will be unveiled concurrently with today’s reveal and will remain playable through Steam Next Fest on June 13-18, 2022. It includes a playable character and three premade starter decks that provide a taste of the fight against INFINITY Corp. give.

When a massive crystal meteorite hits New Mexico, the US government hires megacorporation INFINITY to contain it. With hundreds of adults dying from acute radiation, no one doubted the missing children were another side effect of the crash. However, no one knew that the youngsters were not missing. Dubbed NITRO KIDs, the children have been locked away in the depths of the INFINITY labs to be studied in hopes of creating super soldiers and making millions from the energy source derived from them.

As one of the few who know about the NITRO KIDs, L33 makes it his life’s mission to save them – he explores every inch of the INFINITY tower and burns it all down. Explore each procedurally generated space and face off against elite humans, robots, and powerful mutants in roguelike battles set on grid levels that allow L33 to take advantage of the environment during battles.

Build capable decks from over 250 cards, including powerful kung fu moves, that you can use to defeat the robotic scum. Discard a card to equip a Full Metal Jacket or Oil Coat that protect you from calculated attacks. Form powerful combinations of cards to defeat groups of monsters and soldiers at once and earn important points. Master the art of espionage and martial arts by matching powerful new cards, and unlock playable characters with distinctive playstyles and exclusive card sets.

Inspired by 80’s movies and retro Miami, Nitro Kid is a powerful rescue mission set in a neon-colored cyberpunk world rendered in a vibrant pixel art style and brought to life with an immersive synthwave soundtrack spanning over 30+ tracks contains tracks composed exclusively for the game.

“We’ve seen a massive resurgence in popularity of everything ’80s themed in recent years, with the sequel Top Gun breaking records at the box office, Stranger Things breaking new ground at Netflix has, and much more,” says Patric Corletto, CEO of Wildboy Studio. “Many games pay homage to this decade with settings, soundtracks and much more, but gameplay is still the most important factor in creating a great experience. We’re so confident in our own gameplay that alongside the reveal we had to show a demo ahead of release later this year.”

Nitro Kid will be available later this year for Windows PC via Steam. It will support English, French, German, European Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese languages.

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