Party until the swallowing muscle goes on strike: Dieter Hallervorden said YES

Party until the swallowing muscle goes on strike: Dieter Hallervorden said YES
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He got caught again! Dieter Hallervorden (86) is back under the hood.

With ex-stunt woman Christiane Zander (56), after a good seven years of relationship, he ventures into the adventure of marriage for the third time.

And this time it really should be forever. The two are overjoyed and look like teenagers who have just fallen in love.

BILD am SONNTAG: Mr. Hallervorden, how exactly did the application to Christiane go?

Dieter Hallervorden: “Christiane has always emphasized that what counts for her is not luxury, but true love! She would be happy with me even under a bridge. I couldn’t find the right bridge for the marriage proposal, so I proposed to her high above the roofs of Berlin. Cameraman and soundman were very close for a shoot. And Christiane wouldn’t have to be Christiane if she hadn’t immediately called them both. I repeated my prostration, and ever since then she’s had the motion in audio and video as the ultimate proof. Excuses – if I ever used them – were useless in the face of overwhelming evidence.”

Der Kuss besiegelt ihre LiebePhoto: Dirk Dehmel

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The kiss seals their lovePhoto: Dirk Dehmel

Did you expect that, Christiane?

Christiane Zander: “At least not on this day! We had arranged to shoot a video – accompanying a song for his music CD ’80 plus’ – in a lounge in the Frankfurter Tor tower. For this purpose, I was ‘pretted up’ by a make-up artist beforehand. So it came to a really romantic proposal in a particularly beautiful location. Since the camera and sound man were present anyway, I had a ‘proof video’ made. And since we both looked good, I can even show it!”

Who did you tell about the plan before you applied, Mr. Hallervorden – and what was the reaction?

Hallervorden: “Just a friend who happens to be my accountant on the side.”

People always say: “Now let’s venture in front of the altar.” In your eyes, is the wedding a risk?

zander: “I haven’t ‘seen’ and felt like this before. No.”

Hallervorden: “For many people, life is a risk. It starts with them every morning with the first step out of bed and continues on slippery tiles. Christiane and I, on the other hand, see life as a gift that should be enjoyed to the fullest. Wedding conveys a feeling of happiness. And happiness is the only thing that gets bigger when shared!”

Roberto Blanco (85) sang für das HochzeitspaarPhoto: Dirk Dehmel

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Roberto Blanco (85) sang for the wedding couplePhoto: Dirk Dehmel

What will be different in the relationship between the two of you now that you are married?

Hallervorden: “I no longer greet Christiane in the morning with ‘Beloved being’, but with ‘Ringed bride’. joke heart!”

zander: “My last name will change. I’ll have to do a lot of administrative work before the issue is resolved. I don’t think the relationship itself will change.”

What is the meaning of marriage for both of you?

zander: “Besides personally seeing it as the icing on the cake of our love, it’s actually a ‘formal’ important ‘thing’, like in cases of illness, hospitalization.”

Hallervorden: “It conveys that the confession ‘I love you’ is not just casually exchanged verbally, but is meant to last forever.”

What is the most important thing for both of you in your relationship?

Hallervorden: “Honesty, reliability, empathy, willingness to listen and learn.”

zander: “The existing love, mutual respect, humorous interaction, trust and that you can rely on each other.”

Hallervorden und Zander lieben das Tanzen – und zeigten das auch auf ihrer PartyPhoto: Dirk Dehmel

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/hallervorden-und-zander-lieben-das-tanzen–und-shown-das-auch-auf-ihr-party-f626789fbb0d42848f78dd2e8989216f-80371788 /image/2.image.jpg”/>

Hallervorden and Zander love to dance – and showed it at their partyPhoto: Dirk Dehmel

Christiane, you both have a great sense of humor. But what is it that you can’t laugh about with Mr. Hallervorden?

zander: “When he unpacks his deep black humor. For example: We were cycling in France on a very narrow path. To the left a mountain led up, to the right the slope. We couldn’t ride next to each other, it was too narrow. So I drove in front of Dieter to point out possible dangers on the way. There was a scream behind me. When I turned around, Dieter’s bike was lying on its side on the edge of the slope and Dieter, not immediately visible to me, was lying motionless on his stomach with his legs on the slope. So he simulated his crash. Of course, the negative adrenaline immediately shoots into my body. After the ‘joke’ was resolved, it took longer for the negative adrenaline to leave my body and I can’t laugh for that long.”

Are you planning a honeymoon? If so, how or where?

Hallervorden: “Shortly after the wedding we have a longer joint guest performance in Karlsruhe, but after that we will definitely honeymoon a bit in July. Where, that has not yet been decided.”

Otto Waalkes (73) gratulierte mit Bild und VideoanrufPhoto: Dirk Dehmel

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/otto-waalkes-73-gratuellete-mit-bild-und-videoanruf-84b09288100e45c381f10c0144bd63f5-80371816/Bild/2.bild.jpg”/>

Otto Waalkes (73, not pictured) congratulated with a drawing and video callPhoto: Dirk Dehmel

Do you have a ritual together?

Hallervorden: “In 7.5 years, quite a few rituals have arisen. However, the entire list would go far beyond the scope of this interview.”

zander: “As soon as the elevator door has closed and we are alone in it, we kiss. Before every joint theater performance on the side stage, we spit TOI, TOI, TOI and seal it with a kiss.”

What do you two always immediately agree on?

zander: “On immediately accepting and accepting a party invitation.”

And what not?

zander: “In deciding when to leave this party.”

Party until the swallowing muscle goes on strike: Dieter Hallervorden said YES
Photo: BILD

What do you both like to do when you’re not doing anything (professionally)?

zander: “We often play backgammon in the evening to ring in the end of the day, to ‘switch off’ as quickly as possible. This game doesn’t put too much strain on your head, but it helps to postpone professional thoughts until tomorrow. If we actually have time during the day when the weather is nice, we enjoy our garden with deckchairs, table tennis and bocce.”

What do you both like to treat yourself to when you really treat yourself?

zander: “Holidays with sun guarantee, going out to eat or a professional massage.”

How do you imagine your future?

zander: “We’re just going to carry on as before.

Hallervorden: “Rosy!”


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