“Only Love”: Does Cathy Hummels tease Mann Mats with this photo?

“Only Love”: Does Cathy Hummels tease Mann Mats with this photo?
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Influencer Cathy Hummels protests her love for her son: A swipe at husband Mats?Image: imago images/Future Image

Cathy Hummels is currently on a family vacation in Miami with husband Mats Hummels and son Ludwig. Cathy is now posting cute photos with the four-year-old on Instagram and insists that he is the only love in her life. A dig at husband Mats, who is always in the public eye because of rumors about new girlfriends and foreign flirtation?

Cathy Hummels reaffirms her love for her son

Now the couple is united, at least on family vacations. But son Ludwig comes first for mother Cathy. She makes that very clear again in an Instagram post. In a snapshot of her hugging her son, she writes:

“I don’t look at anyone else in the world like that.”

She also adds a meaningful hashtag: #myonlylove (“My only love”). It’s not the first time that Cathy has clearly focused on her love for her son. She keeps posting pictures with Ludwig on Instagram and gives insights into her life as a mother.

Just recently she wrote under a kissing photo with son Ludwig: “My boy is my pride.” Here, too, she reaffirmed this with suitable hashtags, for example #loveofmylife (“love of my life”).

Does Cathy use it to shoot husband Mats?

Are these very exclusive declarations of love to your son a clear statement and also a rebuff to your husband Mats?

There has long been speculation about a separation between the influencer and the BVB player. In addition to Mats, the names of other women kept appearing. For a long time, the focus was on the Dortmund table tennis player and influencer Lisa Straube as a possible new partner. Most recently, the 33-year-old is said to have had a date with model and influencer Celine Bethmann.

This was followed by digs at the women among themselves. Among other things, CĂ©line posted a screenshot of a chat history with Mats. There he asserted that he was single.

Of course, Cathy didn’t let it sit and posted ambiguous messages on Instagram. For example, under a photo with Mats and Ludwig playing together, she wrote: “My name is rabbit” next to the hashtag #Iknowaboutnothing. The caption came from Mats and she’s now wondering what that means, she added. Many users and fans of the two are sure to ask this question. But neither Mats nor Cathy have so far commented on the separation speculation.


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