Oliver Pocher hands out against Sophia Thomalla’s ex-boyfriend

Oliver Pocher hands out against Sophia Thomalla’s ex-boyfriend
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Oliver Pocher is not a big fan of Loris Karius.Image: IMAGO/Future Image

Sophia Thomalla and Loris Karius were considered an absolute dream couple for more than two years. The presenter even temporarily moved to Istanbul for the footballer, as Loris played for the Turkish club Beşiktaş Istanbul between 2018 and 2020. In June 2021, however, Sophia separated from the 28-year-old after he was caught by photographers with another woman.

Sophia is now in a happy relationship again: in October 2021 she made her love for tennis professional Alexander Zverev public. And Loris also seems to have a permanent partner at his side again. First, the “Bild” recently reported that the kicker should be with the influencer Janine Wiggert. A little later, the two were spotted holding hands at the airport.

Of course, the new couple constellation in the celebrity sky did not escape Oliver Pocher either. Loris’ new partner is no stranger to him and his wife Amira – However, they do not have a particularly high opinion of her. Just as little as from Loris. They have words of praise for Sophia Thomalla.

Sophia Thomalla and Loris Karius were a couple for over two years.

Sophia Thomalla and Loris Karius were a couple for over two years.Image: imago images/VISTAPRESS

That’s why Janine Wiggert is known to the Pochers

“Loris Karius is with Janine Wiggert”, Oliver opened to Amira in their joint podcast “Die Pochers hier!”. “You’re kidding me!” Was her incredulous reaction to this heated news.

The name Janine Wiggert probably means nothing to many, but the influencer is well known to the Pochers, because: The two noticed the Instagrammer because she regularly shows her twins on social media. And as fans of Oli and Amira will know, they are strictly opposed to well-known personalities marketing their children online. She is even mentioned in the Pochers’ song “Influenza”.

In the podcast, Amira said about Loris Karius’ newcomer:

“She can go naked, she’s got a great body. But what got me so excited about her was the way she staged her kids, naked in diapers and on slides, so in all situations. Really bad. “

Then Amira took a look at Janine’s Insta profile and found: “She turned it down. You can see a cut: the children are on it beforehand in every photo, and there was an ass photo in between.” Oliver had an explanation for this change of heart: “She’s with Loris now, so she can go out with him, the children aren’t that important anymore.”

Oliver Pocher on Loris Karius: “No Nobel Prize winner”

But not only Janine, but also Loris got his fat off. In this regard, Oliver quoted a line from an article about Loris’ new relationship:

“More women than appearances – does Karius still play football at all?”

And he went on to joke: “Janine’s account is more ‘Onlyfans’ than Instagram. It’s also well known that Loris Karius isn’t necessarily the number one Nobel Prize winner.” In his opinion, the two fit together perfectly: “Sometimes the right amoebas come together,” teased the comedian.

Loris’ career as a footballer also offered Pocher a through ball for some sayings: “Loris is a great guy, athletic. As I said, he no longer plays football. His contract with Liverpool is expiring, he’s looking for a new club, so please get in touch.” He also blasphemed: “He’s the cliché of a footballer.”

And Amira added: “I’ve always thought Loris Karius was overrated. It was always said: ‘Great footballer’. But I have to say that men with long hair don’t go with me at all.” He was a handsome man, she admitted, but that’s not all, the 29-year-old added: “It’s often more appearance than reality.”

Amira Pocher thinks Sophia Thomalla is “cool”

In this context, the couple also talked about Sophia Thomalla. Above all, they praised their behavior after the separation from Loris. “She handled it very confidently,” said Oli.

Amira agreed:

“I have to say that I wasn’t a big fan of Sophia Thomalla before. But now that I’m getting more from her, I think she’s super cool. She could sit in front of the camera on any topic, blaspheme about him, but that has they don’t need it at all.”

Finally, Oliver said: “She’s not the dumbass you might want to think she is. There are big differences to Gina Lisa or Micaela Schäfer. It’s clearly different.” There are worlds in between, Amira also made clear. The conclusion of the podcast episode can be summarized as follows: Loris Flop, Sophia Top!


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