Nothing phone (1): Shown in real life on the first pictures & can blink

Nothing phone (1): Shown in real life on the first pictures & can blink
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The Nothing phone (1) may well be the most anticipated smartphone of this year for some. After all, hardly anyone else understands how to create a corresponding hype like the founder and OnePlus founder Carl Pei. Nothing’s big launch event is scheduled to start on July 12, 2022. However, as with OnePlus, Pei is again pursuing the usual marketing strategy of successively providing media coverage with small tidbits in advance. Yesterday, Wednesday, Nothing then showed the design of the phone (1) “in full” – well, at least rendered images of the back.

As part of Art Basel in Switzerland, the smartphone was also shown “in real life”. But only the back and crammed into a showcase, but the first photos should now offer a much more realistic view of the smartphone. In my opinion, it looks better in person than on the rendered images – but “technically” and therefore not for everyone. That was also to be expected after the ear(1), although most of them certainly pack a case around their smartphone.

With the phone (1) it would not only be a pity to cover the back with a case as an eye-catcher, the event in Switzerland also revealed another detail: Various elements under the transparent back can light up. It is possible that the notification LED will be brought back in one form, but more details on this are yet to be determined.

The flattened edges of the Nothing phone (1) are reminiscent of some iPhone models. After all: Unlike the Pro models of last year’s iPhones, these don’t seem to shine and, according to their own statements, they rely entirely on recycled aluminum. According to Nothing, other materials are also made of recycled materials, including plastic. With a share of over 50 percent in plastic, nothing should mean the transparent back – it probably doesn’t rely on glass. This is not a killer criterion per se, for example with Pixel smartphones we have seen in the past that high-quality plastic is also an option.

If you’re interested in buying the pig in a poke, you can access StockX as early as June 21 at 3 p.m. They then offer an auction for the first 100 smartphones in a limited form. The corresponding number is also engraved on the aluminum frame of the phone (1). It certainly shouldn’t be a cheap venture, with the ear (1) – here’s my test report – the #1 went over the counter for around 1000 USD. For comparison: Nothing calls for a price of 100 euros for the headphones that have now been sold over half a million times. In various offers you can buy the TWS headphones for as little as 80 euros. At this point in short: At this cost point an incredibly good price-performance ratio.

I am sure that not everything will be said before the launch event on July 12 at 5 p.m. There is also the prospect that it will not remain with smartphones. Let’s hope that the current ambitions of the launcher shown will not remain on the software side either. However, according to Nothing, the phone (1) is the most important device for the planned own ecosystem. The Nothing phone (1) will be available from Deutsche Telekom, among others. In the room is a price of 500 euros.

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