Nintendo once again resists soundtrack uploads to YouTube – ntower – Your Nintendo Online Magazine

Nintendo once again resists soundtrack uploads to YouTube – ntower – Your Nintendo Online Magazine
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Not infrequently, Nintendo thwarts the creators of fan projects. Ambitious projects, such as Mario or in this case Metroid Prime take as a role model, publishers are more than happy to take them offline again. This is how the YouTuber’s project ended SynaMax, which is still comparatively small with 6,880 subscribers. SynaMax had a few Covers and remixes made available by the Metroid Prime soundtrack on his channel – until a Nintendo lawyer called. On May 31, the YouTuber was asked to delete his nine videos.

Quote from SynaMax

“I’m really disappointed in Nintendo for trying to force me to remove these videos because they compulsory licenses to demand. I think it’s important to point out that this only applies to music made by Nintendo protected by copyright is. My research videos on Metroid Prime music and Kenji Yamamoto style music are all fine because they are not copyrighted Nintendo music. But a recreation cover or a cover in general or any kind of remix, unfortunately that doesn’t work without compulsory licenses.”

Since these were heart projects, the YouTuber expresses his incomprehension. He would rather demonetize the videos than make his work completely inaccessible. It was never his goal to make money remixing the soundtrack. In the video he also explains that Nintendo soundtracks in particular are in high demand – but there is still no official release.

Quote from SynaMax

“Why can’t Nintendo go this route? Why can’t Nintendo do this like everyone else? Why does my recreational cover art need to be removed when the song it’s based on has never seen an official soundtrack release? It’s obvious that there is a strong demand for Nintendo to release this music outside of the game it was written for. Nintendo can easily capitalize on this market, but they refuse to do so. This whole situation has left me with a really bad taste, and once I’m done editing the Metroid videos that are currently in the pipeline – there’s only a few left – I’ll be done.”

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Blocking such projects leaves fans disappointed – and some affairs of the heart never see the light of day. What do you think about it? Can you understand the behavior on the part of Nintendo?

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