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For Nintendo fans, the past few days must have been a roller coaster of emotions. The bad news first: The Japanese game manufacturer will not be participating in Gamescom 2022. This was confirmed by the Frankfurt headquarters of Nintendo of Europe. But there is also good news! Because Nintendo has decided to go on a summer tour through Germany again. In the following overview you will find all dates confirmed so far.

It starts on June 19th

From Munich via LEGOLAND in Günzburg to Oberhausen: The Nintendo Summer Tour 2022 is on the road throughout Germany for around three months. It starts on June 19th at the SWR Summer Festival in Speyer. All other confirmed dates can be found here:

date city Event / Location
19.06 speyer SWR Summer Festival
Outdoor area at the Technology Museum
24.-26.06. Munich MASH Munich,
Olympic Park
25.-26.06. Stuttgart 18th Children and Youth Festival,
Castle Square
16.-17.07. dame Family festival Dahme
19.-20.07. fur hook Family festival Pelzerhaken
22.-24.07. Gromitz Family festival Grömitz
23.-24.07. Guenzburg LEGOLAND®
Germany Resort
26.-27.07. Heiligenhafen Family festival in Heiligenhafen
29.-31.07. Niendorf Niendorfer Hafentage
30.-31.07. Leutkirch Center Park Allgaeu
06.-07.08. hate hole Holiday Park
12.-14.08. Hanover Maschsee Festival,
family meadow
12.-14.08. Frankfurt am Main Main Matsuri 2022,
Walter von Cronberg Square
19.-21.08. Dresden Dresden city festival,
Family meadow on the banks of the Elbe
20.-21.08. Hodenhagen Serengeti Park
27.-28.08. Leipzig LVZ Children and Youth Festival,
Augustus Square
17.-18.09. Berlin OKIDOKI Children and Family Festival,
Outdoor area at Charlottenburg Palace
01.-02.10. Oberhausen CentrO,
Luise Albertz Square

Among other things, games such as Mario Strikers: Battle League Football and Nintendo Switch Sports can be tried out together at the Nintendo Summer Tour. In addition to the game stations, there will also be competitions, hands-on activities and small gifts awaiting visitors. If you are looking for a lot of gaming fun, you should definitely find what you are looking for at the Nintendo Summer Tour.

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