New effect filters for the Nik Collection 5 for photo editing

New effect filters for the Nik Collection 5 for photo editing
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The French photo software manufacturer DxO has presented a new version of the plug-in suite Nik Collection. It now consists of eight plug-ins. These include the creative modules Nik Color Efex for color editing, Silver Efex for black and white conversion, Analog Efex for a classic film look and Viveza for selective correction. In addition, there is the noise reduction Dfine, the HDR combination tool HDR Efex, the sharpening tool Sharpener and the new addition from DxO, the correction module for converging lines Perspective Efex.

The most used module is called Color Efex Pro. DxO has revised the color editing user interface in version 5 and thus adapted it to Silver Efex and Viveza. So far, it has included 55 effect filters including classic darkroom techniques such as bleach bypass and cross development.

Two new filters have now been added: the ClearView filter, which is also integrated in DxO PhotoLab, automatically adjusts color, exposure and contrast based on artificial intelligence. A new film grain module complements the grain of 29 authentic photo films. To do this, DxO accesses laboratory analyzes of various films in several ISO levels. The film grain simulations are available in a drop down menu.

Color Efex Pro gets two new effect filters, including ClearView, which can be used to improve images noticeably with a mouse click.

In the Edit menu, the Apply Last Edits option helps to apply the same effects to a photo as the previous one. You can also save your own filter combinations as presets.

The still relatively new plug-in Analog Efex simulates dirt and scratches, incidence of light, vignetting, zoom blur, bokeh and other effects with a total of 14 filters. In version 3 presets can now be used. DxO has also adapted the user interface to the others.

In Analog Efex, Color Efex, Silver Efex and Viveza you can use Nik Control Points, a selection process that combines edge detection and soft masks to quickly edit image areas selectively. In addition to the contrast, you can now also use individual color channels for edge detection.

DxO has adapted the interface of Analog Efex to that of the other plug-ins. Effect settings can now be saved as presets.

The Perspective Efex tool automatically corrects converging lines. It also corrects edge distortions, which occur primarily with wide-angle lenses. Perspective Efex is the only in-house development by DxO in the collection that otherwise comes from the former Hamburg software manufacturer Nik. Here, DxO relies on its correction profiles determined in the laboratory. The software supports a total of 5000 camera-lens combinations. Profiles for 20 additional cameras and 40 additional lenses have recently been added.

The Nik Collection 5 is available for Windows and macOS. It runs standalone and as a plugin in Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic CC and in DxO PhotoLab. The manufacturer supplies the Raw developer PhotoLab in the slimmed down Essential version. The program costs 149 euros. An update is available for 79 euros.


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