NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry strike back! Boston Celtics go under after the break

NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry strike back!  Boston Celtics go under after the break
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The Golden State Warriors struck back and equalized the Finals. Game 2 went to the dubs 107-88, with the Boston Celtics just not finding any rhythm after the break. The Warriors pulled away decisively in the third quarter.

The Warriors won the third period 35:14 and, after a balanced first half, suddenly led by 23 points. Stephen Curry scored 14 of his 29 points (9/21 FG, 5/12 TFs) in this section and also sank the deepest threes. He wasn’t used at all in the fourth quarter. After 36 minutes, all nine Warriors players with the exception of Otto Porter Jr. already had two field goals under their belt.

Jordan Poole (17, 6/14) had a big part in the Warriors run late in the third quarter, while Draymond Green (9, 7 assists) was on the verge of an ejection for most of the game. Klay Thompson (11, 4/19), on the other hand, did very little.

The Celtics, on the other hand, lacked the production of the role players this time. Jayson Tatum (28, 8/19 FG, 6/9 three) scored much better this time after his 3/17 performance, but also had problems with his right shoulder again and again. Jaylen Brown (17, 5/17) started red-hot and disappeared completely as the game progressed. Daniel Theis played 14 minutes, went without points, but grabbed 5 rebounds, played 1 assist and blocked a throw.

Both teams started unchanged, as did the Celtics’ offense. The first five attempts sat, Brown quickly had 9 points. The Warriors, on the other hand, left a lot behind ringside, Curry couldn’t find his rhythm and Green quickly had a technical on his account. It was nickely and that played into the hands of the hosts. Due to numerous fouls by the guests, Golden State came back, the Dubs went through an 18:8 run, completed with a curry drive at the end of the quarter and then even in front (31:30).

Curry avalanche in third quarter too much for Celtics

The Celtics then used the weak no-curry minutes, Poole in particular had big problems again and was also cleared away badly by Theis. With Curry, the Dubs immediately put on a 10-0 run, but Tatum had an answer with his fifth three of the night. Green had after a little argument with Brown Lucky not to get another T. Instead, the Warriors went into the break after a Wiggins putback with a narrow lead (52:50).

The Celtics offense remained weak after the good first quarter. The Warriors only conceded 6 points after the break in the first six minutes and scored 16 themselves. The hosts were quick in the bonus, and Thompson finally took part in the game. Boston then managed a small run, but the Warriors responded with Curry, who capped an 11-0 run with a deep three. It all worked now and that showed even with Poole, who put the siren to 87:64 with a shot from the center line.

Celtics coach Ime Udoka didn’t bring his starters back after that, while Thompson and Green remained in the game for Golden State. That did little to change the difference between the two teams, but Poole continued to gain self-confidence with a few converted throws.

The series is now balanced and moves to the east coast to Boston. Game 3 takes place on Thursday night at 3 a.m. German time.


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