Nationwide disruption to card payments: supermarkets and petrol stations affected

Nationwide disruption to card payments: supermarkets and petrol stations affected
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Supermarkets affected: nationwide disruption to card payments

Payment options in Germany

Payment options in Germany

Cash is still very popular in Germany. In other countries, payments are already mostly cashless. There are different types of payment.

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Cash instead of card: Card payment does not currently work in many supermarkets and other shops. These are the reasons.

Berlin. Whether in the pharmacy, in the supermarket or at the gas station: since Tuesday noon there has been nationwide Card payment problems, whether with a credit card or Girocard, better known as an EC card. In many shops, shopping is currently only possible with Cash get paid. The disruption continued on Wednesday. The major disruption continued on Wednesday until the evening hours.

Payment service providers reported ‚Äúsignificant restrictions‚ÄĚ on transactions at a specific card payment terminal across Germany. According to the provider Payone, the widespread device of the type Verifone H5000 affected. According to initial findings, there is a problem with certain versions of the device software.

The US manufacturer Verifone advertises the product as the “best-selling German terminal”. So the device comes nationwide used at many cash registers. Verifone initially did not comment on the events.

Card payment disrupted – Rewe not affected, standstill at Aldi, dm and Netto

The problem was still not resolved on Wednesday evening. According to shop staff, card payments have been possible from time to time, but then the system stopped again. “Network operators and technical service providers are working intensively on one Troubleshooting“, informed the Association of the German Banking Industry when asked by our editors.

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There were problems with card payments at the drugstore chain dm, among others. Who extended his purchase for the Ascension weekend wanted to do had to stock up on sufficient cash in advance. According to the information, ATMs were not affected by the disruption. Many shops informed their customers of the disruption right at the entrance or by announcement.

So also in many Edeka locations: “It is a cross-industry problem that is currently affecting several retail companies, including some of the Edeka markets,” said a spokeswoman for our editorial team. At Aldi Nord, card payment was not possible in some branches, the discounter said. The drugstore chain Rossmann and Netto Marken-Discount made a similar statement.

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On the other hand, the customers of other large retail chains had no problems: A spokesman for Rewe Group announced that the stores of Rewe, Penny and Toom were not affected by the card terminal breakdown. Customers were also able to shop at Lidl as usual.

“Temporary and system-related failures are now rare and usually only affect a few systems,” said the German Retail Association (HDE). The industry association emphasized that the companies on the smooth process of the payment processes are dependent. “Experience has shown that the payment systems in Germany are stable and reliable,” it said.

Failure of card malfunction: No evidence of cyber attack

This is probably one of the reasons why many customers were disappointed when, despite numerous signs in the affected shops, they only found out at the checkout that they had to abandon their purchases due to the system failure. Meanwhile, there does not seem to be any evidence of an attack on the financial flows. “There is currently no evidence of one cyber attack before,” a spokesman for the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) told our editorial team.

The financial service provider Concardis, which uses the terminal to process payments for retailers, was informed on Wednesday by an unauthorized reboot of the devices warned. The devices should remain connected to power and network. The manufacturer Verifone can only solve the software problem with an existing connection.
The problem probably also caused such high waves because the proportion of card payments in Germany is increasing rapidly. In 2019, the year before the pandemic, cash payments accounted for 46.5 percent of brick-and-mortar sales. According to the Cologne trade research institute EHI, it was only 38.5 percent last year.

On the other hand, the share of sales increased card payments in stores from 50.5 to 58.8 percent. The most popular is the Girocard, with which 42 percent of the goods were paid for. However, the study by retail experts revealed that credit cards are also being used more and more frequently at the checkout.

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