Nathalie Volk: Rocker-Ex publishes spicy chat history

Nathalie Volk: Rocker-Ex publishes spicy chat history
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Her eventful past catches up with the former “GNTM” model Nathalie Volk. Image: picture alliance

Ex-“GNTM” candidate Nathalie Volk received explosive news from her ex-fiancé after the well-received interview with her new old partner Frank Otto.

In his Insta story, Nathalie’s ex, rocker Timur A., ​​posted a screenshot of a Whatsapp chat in which the two apparently exchanged. It is unclear when the chat history should come from. But it was probably after the separation of the two, which became known in October 2021. A year earlier they had made their love public, and the engagement followed in September 2021.

Nathalie Volk: Rocker-Ex shows chat history

According to the screenshot, Timur A. once sent Nathalie Volk an article about a mysterious Insta post from her. “A lying man will never be able to deal with an honest woman,” Nathalie had posted at the time. The article, published in December 2021, suggested that she was referring to Timur A.

Nathalie Volk and Timur A. were engaged and even emigrated to Turkey together.

Nathalie Volk and Timur A. were engaged and even emigrated to Turkey together. screenshot/instagram/mirandadigrande

“You left, not me,” he then wrote under the link to the article. The answer he is said to have received comes as a surprise to many. Nathalie Volk is said to have answered her ex: “I still love you, my darling… I hope that you will be happy. Don’t show that to your new one either. I am grateful for everything you have given me.” Apparently, Timur A. had a new partner at this point.

To what extent the chat is real and what really happened between Nathalie Volk and her former fiancé Timur A., ​​only the two will know. However, the model recently revealed to RTL that the relationship should have been toxic.

Nathalie Volk: With Frank “emotionally at home”

Her new partner, media entrepreneur Frank Otto, with whom she had been together for five years, “bought her out” of the relationship with Timur A., ​​Nathalie Volk reported in the interview. “He helped me get out of there.” Nathalie Volk also said that Frank Otto, who has known her since she was 18, had “arrived at home emotionally”.

Nathalie Volk and Frank Otto are a couple again.

Nathalie Volk and Frank Otto are a couple again.Image: picture alliance


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