Nathalie Volk: “Frank actually bought me out”

Nathalie Volk: “Frank actually bought me out”
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He’s not just her great love. He was her salvation.

On Saturday, actress Nathalie Volk (25) and multi-millionaire Frank Otto (64) beamed together for the first time since their love comeback at a social event.

At the 72nd Hamburg Press Ball in the Hotel Grand Elysée, both looked like they had just fallen in love. Pictures that almost make you forget that Nathalie was in a relationship with another man in between. She emigrated to Turkey for rocker Timur A. and even got engaged to him there. But after a few months everything was over again, Nathalie returned to her adopted home USA.

Now the model confesses in an interview with RTLthat the return was not without problems. Frank Otto “bought her out”.

Blitz-Liebe ohne Happy End: Im November 2020 machte Nathalie Volk ihre Liebe zum vorbestraften Timur A. öffentlich, im September 2021 verlobte sich das Paar. Nur einen Monat darauf gab Nathalie die TrPhoto: Private

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/blitz-liebe-ohne-happy-end-im-november-2020-machte-nathalie-volk-ihre-liebe-zum-vorbetraften- timur-6a2fe32b882147e88452c4b095dcdbab-80380404/image/6.image.jpg”/>

Lightning love without a happy ending: In November 2020, Nathalie Volk made her love for the previously convicted Timur A. public, and the couple got engaged in September 2021. Just a month later, Nathalie announced the splitPhoto: Private

“He helped me get out of there”

The couple actually wanted to talk about their big love comeback in the interview. But people’s statement about their relationship with the rocker ex is particularly surprising.

The ex-GNTM candidate, who started an acting career under the name Miranda DiGrande in the United States, says: “Frank actually bought me out. So what do you mean bought out…but he helped me get out of there.”

The separation seemed to go smoothly. Volk last October to BILD: “Timur and I broke up on good terms.”

SHE obviously didn’t believe her: Nathalie’s mother Viktoria Volk, with whom the model had broken off contact during his stay in Turkey, spoke a lot to Frank Otto during this time. Among other things, how her daughter could get out of the situation with the rocker.

In an interview, Nathalie Volk says: “I think if I weren’t famous in Germany, it would have been much more difficult to get out of there.”

Nathalie does not explain what exactly she means by that.

Kämpften zusammen für Nathalie: Mama Viktoria und Wieder-Freund Frank OttoPhoto: Getty Images

“data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/kaempften-zusammen-fuer-nathalie-mama-viktoria-und-wieder-freund-frank-otto-d924adc6f10c468f8f920ed0828ea765-80380450/Bild/6. image.jpg”/>

Fought together for Nathalie: Mama Viktoria and Frank OttoPhoto: Getty Images

THAT is what she wishes for the future

Fortunately, the difficult times are behind the couple, who are looking forward to their future together: “I hope to be a mother in ten years. That would be my greatest wish.” Volk jokes: “And maybe an Oscar!”

You and Frank Otto have always had a special connection, says Volk. “Maybe that’s because I’ve known him since I was 18. He’s my first boyfriend, he took me on my first date, gave me the first bouquet of flowers.” He is also a kind of “father substitute” for her, says the model.

Das Paar 2017Photo: German Select/Getty Images

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/das-paar-2017-d9b0b7553cd7416cb805469adc4b9e18-80380572/Bild/6.bild.jpg”/>

The couple 2017Photo: German Select/Getty Images

Frank Otto explains that he wants to do without labels, because: “Relationships (…) are not plus or minus. In this respect, we can already build on a five-year history somewhere, but we may not even know today how things will continue.” – “That’s in the stars”, his young partner is also certain.

The age difference of 39 years is not a problem for the actress. Frank has “a young soul”. She wouldn’t look “if he has another wrinkle.”

The model had the best sex with …

In the interview, the 25-year-old then pays her boyfriend a huge compliment: “I had the best sex of my life with Frank because I had a lot of fun with him too. And he is an experienced man.”

That sounds like the best conditions for a new beginning!

Ein ungleiches, aber glückliches Paar auf dem Weg in eine strahlende ZukunftPhoto: Agency People Image

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/ein-ungleiches-ab-happy-couple-on-the-way-into-a-radiant-future-ccea2783bd21447cb8af504ae233792f-80380612/Bild/ 6.image.jpg”/>

The happy couple on their way to a bright futurePhoto: Agency People Image


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