Mischa Zverev exclusively in Das Gelbe vom Ball: That’s why Alex Zverev has no concrete comeback plan

Mischa Zverev exclusively in Das Gelbe vom Ball: That’s why Alex Zverev has no concrete comeback plan
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Tear of the three lateral ligaments in the right ankle.

Despite the somewhat unwieldy diagnosis of Alexander Zverev, it is also clear to laypeople that the third in the world rankings will no longer be able to get involved on the tour anytime soon. Wimbledon starts in just under three weeks. Far too early for Zverev.
So is the Hamburger aiming for the hard court season, the US Open at the end of August? Not really, as Mischa Zverev explains in the podcast conversation with moderator Matthias Stach and national coach Barbara Rittner.

French Open

New details! Mischa exclusively on Alex Zverev’s situation


You don’t want to plan specifically, because “if you say it will take a month or two, then you count every day and ask yourself whether you can make it or not?”

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This creates pressure, as it’s easy to feel “disappointed” when the timeline can’t be met.

However, it is also not necessarily beneficial to choose a time window that is too large for the comeback. “When we say, ‘Okay, that’ll take five or six months’, then you’re working towards it. That’s very, very far away,” said the 34-year-old, who has climbed to number 25 in the world rankings during his career and 2017 in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.

Zverev: Nadal and Federer as role models

In the Zverev camp, a different path was therefore chosen after the operation, which took place in Munich. “That’s why we said we don’t think about days, weeks or whatever. We only look at how the foot and leg are doing, how Sascha feels physically,” emphasizes Mischa.

Zverev baffled by Nadal’s injected foot: “It’s incredible!”

And something else is important. It’s not just about returning to the tour fit, the level has to be high immediately. “Sascha definitely doesn’t want to come back and not play well,” reports the brother, who is a good nine years older. Take Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer as examples.

“Rafael or Roger are the best example. They come back and win Grand Slam tournaments – and that’s what Sascha intends to do,” emphasizes Mischa Zverev. An ambitious goal, because Germany’s number one is still waiting for the first major title. Alexander Zverev came closest in the 2020 season when he lost to Dominic Thiem in the final of the US Open despite a 2-0 set lead.

Mischa Zverev: That’s why Alex comes back stronger

Mischa Zverev himself will play a key role in the comeback work. “I’m the positive one with the smile on my face, always saying, ‘Okay, how do we plan our workouts? How many push-ups do we do on the first, second, third day? How do you work the glutes?’ I tend to plan ahead. What can we do now, how can we use the time well?”

“Don’t want to plan”: Mischa gives an update on brother Alexander Zverev’s injury

Whether it’s enough for the US Open or not, Mischa Zverev connects his brother’s comeback with one hope above all: “Sascha may come back even more confident. That’s my thought, my belief. I know him quite well and think that he’s going to do just that and show us all he can do it.”

Gladly with winning a Grand Slam tournament.

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