Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Overview Trailer [Update]

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Overview Trailer [Update]
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updated: Nintendo Germany now also has its overview trailer Mario Strikers: Battle League Football released. It also includes an explanation of the Team Tackling feature, which allows you to push your teammates to increase your attack and defense range. You can now watch this video here:

In Mario Strikers: Battle League Football players compete with Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Toad and other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Up to eight players – four on each team, reinforced by a goalie – can compete locally on a console or online.

In addition to tight shots, brains also count on the pitch. For example, Nintendo Switch fans can help their teammates with skillful team tackling to quickly overcome greater distances, knock opponents off their feet or grab a strike ball. The latter enables a hyper shot, which earns two points if it hits. Another special feature: fouls simply do not exist in Strike. Allowed is what makes fun (and goals).

But where there are no rules, your own protection is of course the be-all and end-all. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is easy to learn and play, but also allows the use of sophisticated strategies. For example, players can equip each character with fancy equipment to change their stats, such as speed and power. This allows all athletes to be individually adapted and put together to form a unique team.

In the Strikers Club online mode, Nintendo fans can gather their friends. Here they have the opportunity to found their own club with a total of 20 members or to join an existing one. Their owners can design their team’s jerseys and customize their stadium with club chips they have earned. They then play against other clubs together to climb the rankings and become the best club of the season.

Original post on May 6, 2022

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football was surprisingly announced during the last Nintendo Direct presentation and the joy of many fans was great. Get ready for the 5 vs 5 game Strike – Like soccer, but with a much harder offense!

Up to eight players, four on each team, can play against each other on a Nintendo Switch console. In addition to single games, there will be an online club mode – up to 20 players can join each club. Try to become the best club in the world! will appear Mario Strikers: Battle League Football on June 10, 2022.

Since the release is only about four weeks away, Nintendo Japan has released an overview trailer for the game, which of course we don’t want to withhold from you. We will also update this news as soon as the video is also available in German. But here you can see the Japanese video first:

The video above not only reveals more gameplay, but also a new game mechanic. In Mario Strikers: Battle League Football there will be a new game mechanic with which you can tackle your own teammates for the first time in order to give them a small speed boost. If an opposing player is in front of the corresponding character, this will be ruthlessly swept off the field.

It is currently unclear whether the localized version of the trailer will be released later today, but we will keep you posted! What do you think of the new game mechanics? Mario Strikers: Battle League Football?


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