Mafia: Insider provides details on the plot and setting of the unannounced prequel

Mafia: Insider provides details on the plot and setting of the unannounced prequel
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According to unconfirmed reports, the developers of Hangar 13 are currently working on a prequel to the “Mafia” series. The insider “Shpeshal Nick”, who is considered a reliable source, would like to have found out the first details about this.

As early as 2020, the developers of the US studio Hangar 13 pointed out that there was great internal interest in continuing the “Mafia” series. First, however, those responsible wanted to wait and see how the two remasters of “Mafia” and “Mafia 2” perform commercially.

To all appearances, the sales figures seemed to have been satisfactory. For the past week, we’ve received unconfirmed reports that work on a new “mafia” is already underway. However, we should not count on a classic successor. Instead, Kotaku’s colleagues reported that the new “Mafia” is in development under the working title “Codename Nero” and will act as a prequel to the series.

Insiders give unconfirmed details

Apart from the fact that the “Mafia” prequel is to be based on Unreal Engine 5, Kotaku has not given any further details about the new Hangar 13 project. This is where the industry insider “Shpeshal Nick” steps in, who has repeatedly drawn attention to himself in recent months with correct information on unannounced projects. As “Shpeshal Nick” reports, the action of the prequel takes place in the late 1910s or early 1920s.

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As part of the story, you will see, among other things, how Salieri managed to rise to become one of the most feared bosses in the underworld. According to the insider, Sicily will serve as the setting. “Shpeshal Nick” has not yet been able to find out whether Salieri himself will be playable.

However, the insider goes on to say that the Hangar 13 developers have learned lessons from the mediocre reviewed Mafia 3 and will return to the series’ roots in terms of storytelling. So you can look forward to a linearly told story.

2K Games and Hangar 13 have so far not wanted to comment on or even confirm the current rumors about the “Mafia” prequel. Therefore, it remains to be seen when the official unveiling of the title can be expected.

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