Lost Ark brings new free items and 4 hours of server down today

Lost Ark brings new free items and 4 hours of server down today
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The weekly update starts today, June 16th, and gives you free items in the MMORPG Lost Ark. The update primarily delays the Vykas release by another week.

What happened in Lost Ark this week? This week’s weekly update is all about free items. Among other things, the “Wild Wings” event has been extended by one week and the log-in rewards are now 5 days longer. However, this is probably due to the fact that the June update is a week too late.

Normally, the big monthly updates always appear at the end of the login rewards in Lost Ark. However, these have now been extended by a week, which for most fans indicates that the big update from June is due next week.

With the new Legion raid Vykas, the update brings a challenge for players in the high Gearscore area, new login rewards and probably a new event. We won’t get the exact patch notes until next week.

How long is the server status offline? As usual, the servers go offline at 9:00 a.m. German time and will remain offline for an estimated 4 hours this week. We’ll be keeping an eye on Lost Ark for you and will let you know as soon as the servers are back and you can play.

Update 12:05 p.m.: The servers are back online almost an hour ahead of schedule. We wish you good loot!

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How is the update received? The rewards themselves are well received by fans, but they also criticize the postponement of the June patch. This was originally announced for mid-June and for some fans of the MMORPG, June 23rd is definitely not the middle of the month anymore.

Overall, however, the weekly update seems to be going down well, and players are looking forward to even more free rewards that you just have to log in for.

Update June 16th – All Patch Notes:

  • Added an additional track for 5 days with new login rewards. In addition to the new rewards, you can still earn the previous month’s rewards. This gives a little more time for players who were having lag issues to get their goodies.
  • The end date of the Wildwing Island event has been extended by one week, as has the expiry date of the associated reward items.

What do you think of this week’s update? Were you really looking forward to Vykas, or did you already know about the postponement anyway? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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