Lost Ark bans the heads of 12 of the largest guilds in MMORPG – Was it all the same person

Lost Ark bans the heads of 12 of the largest guilds in MMORPG – Was it all the same person
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In Lost Ark it is possible to have up to 18 characters on the same account and theoretically each of them can create their own guild. However, the one leader of 12 of the largest guilds in Europe has now been banned for breaking the golden rule. We at MeinMMO summarize.

What kind of guild is this? These are the “Fenris” guilds that are on the EU Central Server Sceptrum and are among the largest in Lost Ark. Together, the 12 guilds in the Fenris association have more than 450 members and are therefore not only the largest alliance on Sceptrum, but also play a leading role in the whole of EUC.

All 12 guilds are more or less managed by the same player. He leads the merger of the Fenris guilds, leads one himself and is at least deputy in all others. A deputy in Lost Ark has almost all the rights of a guild leader and is unique to each guild.

The head of this association had a lot of influence on the game and was always on the road as a sorceress. On a screenshot of his account you can see 6 sorceresses with Gearscore between 1,460 and 1,504, which is currently an extremely high value in the MMORPG.

At first glance, his account looks great (via reddit).

Why was he banned? A reddit thread shows screenshots from the guild leader’s personal chats. Accordingly, Amazon banned him for having bought an enormous amount of gold. According to the thread creator, always in “small” chunks of 2 million, so that it is not so noticeable.

On the screenshots, he himself says that he spent 20,000 euros on gold in Lost Ark and bought it illegally from bots. However, nobody should know that.

He is then asked by a guild member if he is currently taking a break from Lost Ark and in response he sent the screenshot that he is permanently banned. He says that he doesn’t want to talk about it and that he can’t write about it either.

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Guild leader withdraws several thousand euros via Paypal – harvests Shitstorm

How does the guild leader react? He wrote a statement on Discord explaining his situation. Judging by this information, he admits that he was banned for RMT, but only for a few days. After this ban he was “not that stupid anymore” to keep buying gold from bots. In the screenshots of the personal chat with a guild member, however, he presents a different situation. We cannot estimate which is actually true.

He also explains that he has created several tickets on Amazon and has not received a satisfactory response. The publisher accuses him of cheating and he would not receive any further information. He goes on to say that he withdrew all payments to Lost Ark through PayPal to get Amazon to respond.

He confirms that PayPal refunded him several thousand euros that he spent in the Lost Ark in-game shop. He also announces that Amazon hasn’t given PayPal an answer that satisfies him either.

He also admits that he was using RMT at the time and his account is permanently banned in its current state. As a next step, he deletes all people on his Discord friends list and blocks his private messages to avoid further shitstorm. According to the guild leader, he should have read enough hate in the past few days. You can read the entire statement in a screenshot on reddit.

What happens to the guild now? If a guild leader is inactive for 10 days, the line is automatically passed on to the deputy of the respective guild. Since he was also a deputy in many guilds and has been inactive for more than 10 takes, management is passed to the next active officer.

It is still unclear how the Fenris Alliance will deal with this situation. In any case, there is no statement from the new management yet.

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“The guy destroyed our whole server”

How is the community reacting? In reddit, people are primarily happy that Amazon also reacts to buyers and not just to bots. The mood in the thread could be described as spiteful and many are very happy that someone who bought so much gold lost their account.

Fans are also discussing whether he would lose his Steam account by withdrawing the money via PayPal, although people are divided. However, the community seems to agree that the guild leader tries to play the victim role, although he himself is “the criminal”.

However, some players on the Sceptrum server also complain that he and his guild have actually caused damage in the game through this behavior.

What are the fans saying? They are clearly annoyed by the behavior. The players on his server were particularly affected. We would therefore like to give you some of the comments on reddit:

  • j0ker80 writes: “I’m playing on his server and the first time I saw him he was at 1450, with a +20 weapon, and it was extremely early in the game. He destroyed our whole server because we just couldn’t get relic gear”
  • Fenodvs writes, “Most people on Sceptrum didn’t want to mess with those whales. Hopefully the server will be healthier now, without a guild dominating everything with big numbers.”
  • Hydred keeps it short: “You deserve this. Good job Amazon.”
  • asolram sees it similarly: “That’s great. I love seeing RMTers get banned. This is so deserved!”

What do you think of the situation? Did Amazon do the right thing by permanently banning the guild leader? Or are you more on his side and don’t think it’s fair from the publisher? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

By the way, if you are not permanently banned for buying gold, you simply have to work off your debts.

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