“Let’s Dance” winner couple earns ridicule for performance

“Let’s Dance” winner couple earns ridicule for performance
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Kathrin Menzinger and René Casselly are currently appearing in many TV shows after winning “Let’s Dance”.Image: Getty Images Europe / Joshua Sammer

Are Kathrin Menzinger and René Casselly becoming less popular? One could assume that the viewers would be happy to see the two on TV every time. Finally, the duo won this year’s season of “Let’s Dance.” In addition, they provided unforgettable moments in the show with their spectacular performances and acrobatic feats.

For this reason, it is not surprising that Kathrin and René are not only part of the “Let’s Dance” tour, but are also booked for numerous TV appearances – however, some viewers feel the couple is on TV too often these days.

“Let’s Dance”: Kathrin and René showed their jive again – without a blunder?

On June 13, “The Big IQ Test” took place on RTL, moderated by Sonja Zietlow and Wigald Boning. Prominent guests such as Janin Ullmann, Filip Pavlović, Frauke Ludowig, Dr. medical Johannes Wimmer, Arabella Kiesbauer and Axel Stein put their knowledge to the test.

Kathrin Menzinger and René Casselly also made an appearance during the show. The “Let’s Dance” winning couple performed a jive to Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock,” which they previously performed on the tenth edition of “Let’s Dance.”

And anyone who followed the 15th season of “Let’s Dance” will remember that not everything went smoothly for Kathrin and Renés Jive back then. At the end of the dance, René wanted to twirl Kathrin around his head, but the lifting figure failed and Kathrin finished the jive sitting on the floor. This time, however, Kathrin and René completed their jive without a hitch.

But instead of positive comments, there was mainly negative feedback on this appearance on Twitter. The reason: the viewers made fun of the permanent presence of the “Let’s Dance” couple on TV – because on Sunday the two had already been seen on “ZDF Fernsehgarten”. This was also referred to by this user who wrote: “Kathrin and René are now also touring from show to show. Yesterday in the ‘Fernsehgarten’ today on ‘The Big IQ Test’. And another mocking tweet read: “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to see René anymore”.

Others commented that instead of René, they would rather have seen Janin Ullmann dance again, who took second place in this year’s “Let’s Dance” season. In this regard, one viewer remarked: “RTL like this: Are we really assy to the runner-up from ‘Let’s Dance'”.

Who was the smartest celebrity?

Kathrin and René’s performance was not only for entertainment, but celebrities, the audience and the people in front of the screens had to remember the performance carefully – because at the end questions were asked about it.

Presenter Frauke Ludowig did best among the celebrities. She won the IQ test and had a score of 130. On Instagram she was surprised by this result: “I think I had more luck than sense! But: Of course I’m a little bit proud! It was great fun.” The reigning king of the jungle and reality TV star Filip Pavlović took last place. He scored 100.


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