“Let’s Dance” star did not know contract details

“Let’s Dance” star did not know contract details
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Ekaterina Leonova and Bastian Bielendorfer primarily had fun together on “Let’s Dance”, together they took sixth place despite the lack of dance talent.Image: Getty Images Europe / Joshua Sammer

It was quite a sensation when professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova was allowed to be back for this year’s “Let’s Dance” season after a two-year break. Before her break from production, she won three times in a row with Gil Ofarim, Ingolf Lück and Pascal Hens. Rumors quickly arose that RTL feared that when Ekat started, no one else would be able to win. That’s why she was probably not allowed to be there in 2020 and 2021.

This year, too, she could have done better: In the introductory show, she was assigned to Bastian Bielendorfer, who from then on, despite tough training sessions by Ekaterina, was always at the bottom in terms of points. She remembered the moment she was assigned to him live on television in “‘Let’s Dance’ – Nähkästchentalk” on Instagram. And by the way, the dancer also revealed that her protégé had not even read the contract for the show.

Ekaterina and Bastian hoped not to be mated

When asked about the split situation in the introductory program, Ekat first explained that she and Bastian knew each other before: they were already taking part in another TV format. “That’s why we got along well in advance. We were and are good friends. And we were very open with each other,” said the 35-year-old. Before the assignment, she told him that “Let’s Dance” also had to show performance and that it was not enough to “just” be funny. Basti then replied: “I’m just having fun with me.” Ekat’s consequence was then only:

“Then it will be difficult for us. Hopefully our paths won’t cross again then!”

However, when their fate was sealed with the mating, things got serious between them on stage: “When we were assigned, we turned to each other and I said, ‘I’m sorry.’ And he: ‘I’m sorry too'”Ekat recalled in the talk.

Dancer never hoped for the “Let’s Dance” finale

After all: The two made it to sixth place on the RTL show despite Bastian’s lack of dancing talent. When they eliminated one celebrity after the other on the way there, the two almost believed in a special opportunity: “At some point we thought: Okay, people support Basti and identify with him. Maybe something impossible will happen.” However, Ekat qualified: “To be honest, I never really believed in the final.”

During the rehearsals, something else turned out: the podcaster and author simply signed the contract for “Let’s Dance”: “I had to explain contract points to him”, said Ekaterina and added that he was surprised by all the show challenges and special features. Maybe he’ll even become a “Let’s Dance” viewer now at the latest.

Ekat showed her true colors on “Let’s Dance”.

But Ekat also learned something from Bastian during their training weeks together: “You develop a common language. I learned the entire German swear word vocabulary with Basti.”, stated the dancer. It was then difficult not to always mention what she had learned on stage, because she was actually a different person there than privately:

“On ‘Let’s Dance’ I pull myself together and try to appear serious.”

But since she quickly realized with her celebrity protégé that comedy is worthwhile on RTL, she decided: “Okay, then I’ll show my true colors.” During the show, she even got job offers backstage. Bastian’s competitor René Casselly is at the circus and said to Ekaterina: “Clowns earn a lot of money.” With her humor, she already survived the application phase – Ekaterina wanted to reconsider her career path in the future, she joked in the Instagram format.


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