“Let’s Dance” professional shocks fans with a new photo

“Let’s Dance” professional shocks fans with a new photo
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Patricija Ionel danced with actor Timur Ülker in the last “Let’s Dance” season. Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

After the “Let’s Dance” season, many of the dance professionals are currently enjoying a well-deserved vacation – including the couple Patricija and Alexandru Ionel. Patricija was very unlucky this year, because Hardy Krüger jr., with whom she competed on “Let’s Dance”, could not cope with an elimination show due to a corona infection and had to throw in the towel after the introductory show. In a show, Patricija then replaced her colleague Malika Dzumaev, who was also ill, and danced with Timur Ülker, but that was the end of the “Let’s Dance” chapter in 2022 for her.

Now she was in a good mood with her partner Alexandru on the beach, the two were photographed in a dance pose. What is immediately noticeable: Patricija’s severe sunburn on his bottom and legs. While the followers are concerned, a “Let’s Dance” colleague gives a swipe.

Patricija Ionel shocks with a sunburn photo

Patricija himself has already provided the picture with the hashtag “#poburnt”, but is still in “vacation mode” and doesn’t let the good mood spoil. “Wow, what a sunburn,” writes one user in the comments, while another says: “I’m already in pain when I see this sunburn.” No wonder – it’s easy to imagine that sunburn on the buttocks must be particularly painful.

A user who is medically skilled even raises the alarm with regard to the topic of skin cancer: “As a medical assistant at a dermatologist, I don’t like the picture that much.”

Isabel Edvardsson with a swipe at “Let’s Dance” colleague

In addition, Isabel Edvardsson, a “Let’s Dance” colleague, speaks up, bringing some humor to the discussion. She can’t resist a little side swipe and refers to Alexandru’s swimming trunks, which are adorned with a striking flamingo. Isabel’s conclusion is:

“But you take the subject of flamingoes very seriously.”

Of course she alludes to Patricija’s now red parts of the body, which apparently remind her of a flamingo. At least Alexandru takes the comparison with humor, because he has already answered Isabel: “I’ve never been there… at least the clothes then.”

By the way, Patricija has now posted another picture from vacation. “I’m having a great break. Enjoying the family, nature, the sea and the delicious food,” she assures her community. This time, however, there are followers who address their sunburn and express concern. “It looks great! But please use more sunscreen!” Is now the advice of a fan. The problem is that it might already be too late for that. But maybe Patricija will take more care of himself on his next vacation in the sun.

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