“Let’s Dance” dancer Christina Luft counters criticism: “I don’t need a sexy dress”

“Let’s Dance” dancer Christina Luft counters criticism: “I don’t need a sexy dress”
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Andrzej Cibis and Christina Luft provided a lot of fun in the “Let’s Dance” professional challenge.rtl

The dance by Christina Luft and Andrzej Cibis definitely stood out. At the “Let’s Dance” professional challenge last Friday, the two professional dancers presented a funny performance on the subject “We, simply incorrigible” based on the Pixar film “I – simply incorrigible”. They combined jive, tango, cha cha cha and a paso doble to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. In keeping with the theme, Andrzej disguised himself as the main character Gru and Christina swept across the dance floor as a yellow minion.

The duo clearly focused on having fun and the “Let’s Dance” jury, consisting of Jorge González, Motsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi, also said after their performance that they had a lot of fun. “I liked it very much,” praised Jorge, for example. And Motsi also said: “I bet all the kids in front of the screens are excited to see that on ‘Let’s Dance’.”

Apparently, the performance fell through mercilessly with some viewers – at least one user claimed that on Instagram. But Christina had a suitable answer ready for possible critics.

Christina Luft defends Minion performance

Earlier in the week, Christina hosted a question and answer session on her Instagram channel. Of course, there were also many questions about “Let’s Dance”. In the course of this, the 32-year-old revealed, for example, that she was still in contact with her ex-dance partner Jan Hofer and that she will be dancing with Mike Singer on the upcoming “Let’s Dance” tour.

A user asked Christina if she minds that some people say that she would not have taken the professional challenge seriously. Christina replied that she didn’t know who said that, but:

“Let me put it this way: The clown in the circus works at least as hard as the rest.”

Christina Luft defends her performance at the

Christina Luft defends her performance in the “Let’s Dance” professional challenge.screenshot instagram.com/christinaluft

And she further added: “A dramatic tango or paso shouldn’t mean taking it ‘seriously’!” “We wanted to do something authentic for ourselves and the choreo was dance-demanding and pretty fast,” she clarified. She would have danced a paso two years ago and she wanted to do something different this time, she explained confidently:

“I don’t need a sexy dress to be taken seriously.”

On the official “Let’s Dance” Instagram page, numerous comments show that many people liked their minion dance. “It was entertaining and so refreshing”, wrote one enthusiastic user. And another said no less enthusiastically: “Pure entertainment! That showed you again how versatile dancing and of course the two are.”

The difference in size posed a challenge for Christina and Andrzej

What shouldn’t be forgotten either: Christina and Andrzej had to deal with some problems in the professional challenge. On the one hand, the difference in size between the two was an obstacle, because Christina is a whole 25 centimeters shorter than her dance partner. Andrzej openly explained to RTL: “Well, I had to change completely and I had to do a lot of things differently than I’m used to. It’s really a challenge for me.”

On top of that Christina also got injured just before the show – she fell while dancing: “Just in the rehearsal, my bursa burst, on the knee, she revealed before the professional challenge.” And Andrzej added: “Second by second we could see the knee getting bigger and bigger.” Thanks to tape, painkillers and positive energy, Christina was still able to pull through the choreo and inspire the audience – even if she might not be able to appeal to everyone’s taste.


Valentin and Renata Lusin have already had great success with “Let’s Dance”. They have been on the dance floor as professional dancers on the RTL show since 2018. Renata Lusin made it to third place in the most recent season together with Mathias Mester. Shortly afterwards she also won the professional challenge with Christian Polanc. Last year she was chosen as the winner there. At that time she danced with her husband Valentin.

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