LEGO Star Wars 75323 Justifier and 75337 AT-TE officially unveiled

LEGO Star Wars 75323 Justifier and 75337 AT-TE officially unveiled
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And also the two biggest LEGO Star Wars sets of the summer, the 75323 The Justifier and the 75337 AT-TE have just been presented at LEGO CON. The two sets will be available in stores everywhere with the rest of the Summer Wave on August 1st. The AT-TE in particular is a real highlight, since not only was the walker itself implemented well, the selection of minifigures including Commander Cody is also convincing!

LEGO Star Wars 75323 The Justifier

Behind the set number 75323 of the LEGO Star Wars 2022 novelties hides Cad Bane’s spaceship, the Justifierwhich we already know from the first season The Bad Batch know. In the series, some scenes take place in the cloning facility on the planet Bora Vio – and these are the scenes that the set will be based on. This is reflected on the one hand in the minifigure selection, which is obviously a bit small. Of course, the set includes Cad Bane and his droid Todo 360, although the latter will probably be a new mold.

Other figures include Omega, Hunter and Fennec Shand for the first time. The Justifier itself comes across as massive in this set, and in terms of size it’s on par with a Playscale Millennium Falcon or last year’s 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser. Of course, as in the series, the large rear wing can also be brought into the landing position. We don’t have any details about the inner workings of the ship yet, but there will almost certainly be opportunities to play there as well. The set also comes with various cargo and tools that Cad Bane might find useful on his missions. The set consists of 1022 parts and will cost 169.99 euros.

  • Set number: 75323
  • Designation: The Justifiers
  • number of parts: 1022
  • Characters: 5
  • Release Date: August 01, 2022
  • Availability: LEGO
  • RRP: 169.99 euros

LEGO Star Wars 75337 AT-TE

Contrary to what we initially thought, the AT-TE coming as part of the LEGO Star Wars 2022 Summer New Releases will not be an Episode II set. Instead, LEGO is based on the Battle of Utapau from Episode III. This looks very similar to the 75019 AT-TE from 2013 in both size and design, the most notable changes being the construction of the walker’s legs and feet. For example, satellite dishes are no longer installed here, but round plates are used instead. In general, the feet look a little smaller and the legs look a little shorter, giving the walker a slightly stronger, more massive overall look. The inside of the Walker can also be played with thanks to the interior.

And this set will also be worthwhile for minifigure collectors and army builders. Because finally – at last – with this set we get the Commander Cody in phase II armor that so many have wanted for so long. The figure looks highly detailed and even has printed legs and feet. The hip part is also printed, the arms are unfortunately not. Of course, LEGO Commander Cody also has his matching orange visor. In addition, LEGO has newly designed a Phase II helmet for the clones in this set, which also has holes on the sides so that accessories can be attached. Apparently, Cody’s jetpack is not included in the set as a built part, but is most likely only printed on his back.

But that was not all! Of course, a commander also needs followers. And so the LEGO 75337 AT-TE also includes three revised 212th Troopers with oppressed legs, feet and hips. To operate the AT-TE there is also a revised clone gunner. Opposite are 3 battle droids and a miniature spider droid. Unfortunately, Obi-Wan Kenobi or a side build are not included. The set consists of 1082 parts and will cost 139.99 euros.

  • Set number: 75337
  • Designation: AT-TE
  • number of parts: 1082
  • Characters: 8th
  • Release Date: August 01, 2022
  • Availability: LEGO
  • RRP: 139.99 euros

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