LEGO Optimus Prime (10302): Transformers set officially presented

LEGO Optimus Prime (10302): Transformers set officially presented
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LEGO 10302 Transformers Optiums Prime Cover Photo

After LEGO had already published a first teaser for the latest 18+ set, the LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime, yesterday and (inadvertently) the first reviews went online shortly afterwards, the set has now also been officially presented in the LEGO Newsroom. We summarize all the information for you and show you the high-resolution LEGO product images.

Transformers fans from the very beginning who grew up with the anime series of the 80s and the associated toys can now June 1st Look forward to a good pinch of nostalgia: The LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime is based on the design of the first Transformers generation (G1) and recreates the Optimus Prime action figure of the time, which some of us probably already owned as children – including the transformation feature, of course!


The set will initially be available exclusively for two months in the LEGO online shop and brand stores, where you can buy it from June for a RRP of 169.99 euros can buy. From the beginning of August, however, according to our information, the set will also be in the free sale. The set is not currently listed in the shop, but it won’t be long in coming after the presentation via press release.

Some retailers are already offering the set as a pre-order today. At JB Toys, for example, you get the LEGO Optimus Prime 15% discount and at least four free polybags.

If you fill up your shopping cart in addition to pre-ordering and reach the threshold of 175 euros, you will even get one fifth polybag and you can with the voucher code Summer2022 still get Jonas’ great summer vignette!

All information about the LEGO Optimus Prime

The LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime appears as part of the Creator Expert series, which stands for sophisticated models 1508 parts However, it is significantly smaller than the similarly themed Ideas Set from 2018, LEGO 21311 Voltron, which at the time had over 2300 parts. The MSRP, on the other hand, is comparable: For the LEGO Optimus Prime 169.99 euros due, which means a part price of approx. 11.3 cents per stone is equivalent to.

The start of sales in the LEGO online shop and the brand stores will take place on June 1stafter which the set will initially be exclusively available there for two months before going on sale in regular retail outlets.

The special feature of the LEGO Optimus Prime lies in the fact that not only the appearance of the model, but also its play function was modeled: Optimus Prime can simply be folded over, i.e. without disassembling the model, be transformed between his robot and truck forms.

LEGO Transformers 10302 Optimus Prime (3)

The set appears with the label 18+ and the corresponding matte black cardboard design typical of this range. Similar to the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series models, the figure comes with a number of accessories (which we’ll briefly discuss in the next section), as well as a black “nameplate” that summarizes some facts about the fictional character from the Transformers franchise. For the badge, the legs as well as for the two variants of the “belt” come in total five stickers used, all other graphic designs, in particular the Transformers logos as prints executed.

Here is an overview of all information:

  • Set number: 10302
  • Set Name: Optimus Prime
  • Number of stones: 1508
  • Price (RRP): 169.99 euros
  • Price/stone: 11.3 cents
  • Autobot dimensions (WxH): 18.5 cm x 35 cm
  • Truck dimensions (LxWxH): 10.5 cm x 12 cm x 15 cm
  • Release LEGO: June 1, 2022
  • Release trading: August 1, 2022
  • Age recommendation: 18+
  • Stickers: Partial (5 pieces)

Background to character and design

Optimus Prime hails from the planet Cybertron, inhabited by intelligent robots but ravaged and stripped of its power sources millions of years ago in a war between the Autobots (of which he is the leader) and the Decepticons. So the robots were scattered in space, where both factions ended up on earth, where the Autobots now protect people from the dark plans of the Decepticons.

Screenshot Transformers G1 Optimus Prime (9)
Scene from the anime series Transformers (G1)

The background story that the toy companies Takara and Hasbro came up with in 1984 to market their products with comics, books and animated series can be summed up like this or something similar: robot action figures that use various folding mechanisms to transform themselves into vehicles and airplanes, animals or everyday objects transformed – a concept that is still popular today and has led to several Transformers movies in the recent past, among other things.

The design of the LEGO Optimus Prime is based on the version from the first Transformers anime series, “Generation 1” or “G1” for short. In addition to the actual Autobot, the set includes two of his weapons, the energon ax and the ion blaster, which also appeared in the series and were used in the fight against the Decepticons.

Screenshot Transformers G1 Optimus Prime (2)
Scene with the Energon Ax from the anime series Transformers (G1)

An attachable jetpack also comes with the set, as does an Energon Cube (the main power source of the Transformers) and the fabled Matrix of Leadership, which gives the Prime great strength, allows a connection to its deceased predecessors and is central to the Transformers faith in general .

Official Pictures

The most important aspect of a set presentation are of course the official pictures. In the case of the LEGO Optimus Prime, these not only show the model and box from different perspectives, but also provide insight into how the figure can be transformed between its Autobot and truck forms.

Pictures of the set and box

We will submit the remaining pictures as soon as the set has been listed in the LEGO online shop.

LEGO Transformers 10302 Optimus Prime (5)

Lifestyle Pictures

Since it is often not possible to fully assess the size and appearance of a set from the pure product photos, LEGO has recently started to produce so-called lifestyle pictures for almost all products, i.e. photos that people can take when interacting with the set or the product. show its effect in a home. The LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime is of course no exception, which is why we would like to present you the lifestyle pictures.

LEGO Transformers 10302 Optimus Prime (6)

product video

LEGO has also provided a product video for the Optimus Prime in the newsroom. We have mirrored the video for you on our YouTube channel so that you can relax and watch it right here in the article.


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Official product description

We will submit the official product description later.

Comparison with figures from Hasbro and Robosen

Numerous variants of the Optimus Prime figure have appeared over the decades and the LEGO set is probably based more on the representation in the series template than on the toys available at the time. Nevertheless, we would like to compare the LEGO Optimus Prime with the Hasbro figure from 1984, or a new edition from 2018 in the same design:

LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime vs Hasbro Figure 1LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime vs Hasbro Figure 2

And we would also like to compare the LEGO set with another version of the Optimus Prime figure. This also comes from Hasbro, but in cooperation with the company Robosen. It will also be released this year and will be “slightly” more expensive than the LEGO Optimus Prime, namely around 1000 euros. The Robosen figure can transform itself between robot and truck form by means of various servo motors and by voice command.

LEGO 10302 Transformers Optiums Prime Comparison Hasbro 02LEGO 10302 Transformers Optiums Prime Comparison Hasbro 01

Comparison with the LEGO Ideas Voltron

As already mentioned, the LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime is not the first large, buildable action figure with a transformation feature from LEGO. A model with a similar concept was released in 2018 with the LEGO 21311 Voltron Ideas Set, but with 2321 parts and a height of 45 cm it was significantly larger than Optimus Prime. For those of you who own the Voltron set or have at least seen it “in real life”, we have also compared these two figures graphically so that you can better estimate the size.

LEGO 10302 Transformers Optiums Prime Comparison Voltron 01

Interesting new parts

The new LEGO 10302 Optiums Prime shines with a small selection of new parts – sometimes quite literally, as there will be a few new parts in Metallic Silver builds. The new 2×2 gable in metallic silver, which we first discovered in the LEGO 10309 succulents, will be installed in the head. In addition, the pointed horns on the helmet are used in dark blue for the first time. An important detail for the LEGO Optimus Prime set is the Matrix of Leadership, for which the 3×6 frame (23444) is available for the first time in Flat Silver is installed. An interesting construction technique is also used for this, because the 2×2 segment is only clamped into the frame instead of actually being attached.

LEGO 10302 Transformers Optiums Prime New Parts 01

On the legs, tanks are in Metallic Silver attached, which bring two more parts to the range for the first time in this color: 2×2 round tiles and 1×2 stones with curved top (37352).

LEGO 10302 Transformers Optiums Prime New Parts 02

opinion poll

With the LEGO Optimus Prime, the nostalgia factor is the focus in Billund. But does this calculation add up? We are interested in your opinion, starting with the question of whether you find the implementation successful – regardless of whether you would buy the set.

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Of course, we are also interested in whether a purchase is an option for you. Is the leader of the Autobots worth the RRP of €169.99?

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LEGO has managed to convincingly capture the spirit of the hugely popular toy from the 1980s with LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime. This affects both the appearance and the transformation function, which is very successful.

On the other hand, there is a rather high RRP, especially in direct comparison to the Voltron set. This will be put into perspective somewhat in retail, but the set should still be primarily of interest to those who associate it with strong nostalgic feelings. However, parts fans will also get their money’s worth here, not least because of several new elements in the rare color metallic silver.


What do you think of LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime now that you’ve seen the official images? Does this arouse nostalgic feelings in you, does the transformation feature appeal to you or is the set rather uninteresting for you? Share your thoughts on the new LEGO Creator Expert Set in the comments!

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