LEGO Architecture 21058 Pyramid of Cheops presented: All pictures of the June novelty

LEGO Architecture 21058 Pyramid of Cheops presented: All pictures of the June novelty
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LEGO Architecture 21058 Pyramid Cover Photo

And with that, what was probably the last June novelty from LEGO was presented: The LEGO Architecture 21058 Pyramid of Cheops will also be released next month and should be a real highlight for many fans of the Egyptian pyramids. We introduce you to the LEGO pyramid here in detail.

The set has just been listed in the LEGO online shop and all the pictures have also been added there. At the same time, LEGO also presented the set via social media. The Cheops pyramid, as the set will be officially called in Germany, consists of 1476 partsappears on June 1, 2022 to a RRP of 139.99 euros at LEGO and everywhere in stores. You can get it in the JB Toys shop right now 15% discount on your pre-order and you can also get a free gift as part of this current promotion.

General information and pictures

As is usual with LEGO Architecture sets, the Cheops pyramid comes in a black box and is therefore an 18+ set that is specifically aimed at adult LEGO fans. While in the past significantly more LEGO Architecture sets were released each year, LEGO has now reduced the number of buildings and is concentrating on fewer, often more detailed sets from the series.

LEGO Architecture 21058 Pyramid of Cheops 2

All information about the set at a glance:

  • Set number: 21058
  • Name: Pyramid of Cheops
  • Parts: 1476
  • Minifigures: –
  • Set dimensions: 35 cm x 20 cm x 32 cm (width x height x depth)
  • Age: 18+
  • Price: 139.99 euros
  • Responsible designer: Anderson Grubb
  • Release: June 1, 2022

LEGO Architecture 21058 Pyramid of Cheops 1

The special thing about the set is that the set can be presented in two different versions: one with the pyramid still under construction and one with the final pyramid “put over it”. In addition to the actual pyramid, the site on the Nile with the two small pyramids, two mortuary temples, various sphinx statues and an obelisk are being built here. In addition, the “Village of the Workers” and a felucca (an ancient sailing ship) may also be built in front of the pyramid.

LEGO Architecture 21058 Pyramid of Cheops 4

Strictly speaking, you don’t get a whole pyramid, but only a “half pyramid”, because on the back you can see a kind of sectional model of the pyramid, which also shows the inside and the burial chambers located there as well as the largest corridors in the heart of the pyramid. The golden top of the white pyramid is new in metallic goldso that it shines beautifully.

LEGO Architecture 21058 Pyramid of Cheops 9

For a complete pyramid you can take the set twice and connect the two halves together. But then the Nile and the village at the foot of the pyramid are also double.

LEGO Architecture 21058 Pyramid of Cheops 11
Two LEGO 21058 Pyramids of Cheops can be assembled to form a pyramid

This is the official LEGO product description:

Take an imaginative journey back in time to the 26th century BC with the LEGO® Architecture Pyramid of Cheops (21058) model. and witness the construction of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Build a detailed cross-sectional model of the Cheops Pyramid that reveals the main passageways and chambers, and how the massive stones are believed to have been moved at the time. Take a look at how this site on the Nile with the two small pyramids, 2 mortuary temples, Sphinx statues and an obelisk may have looked at that time.

Creative pleasure

Easy-to-understand building instructions will guide you through your exciting building project. If you then connect your structure to a second model (sold separately), you create a complete pyramid.

Special gift

This collectible LEGO brick is part of a collection of LEGO Architecture sets for adults who enjoy building creative models. The set is a wonderful treat for yourself and an impressive gift for anyone interested in architecture, history or travel.

  • Time travel to antiquity: This LEGO® Architecture model (21058) shows you what the Cheops pyramid and its immediate surroundings may have looked like in ancient times
  • Cross-section model: If you lift off the outer shell, you can see how the large blocks of stone could have been moved at that time. From the back you have a clear view of the King’s and Queen’s chambers and the main corridors
  • Detailed scenery: A section of the Nile with 2 LEGO® brick variants of a felucca (ancient sailing ship), 2 small pyramids, 2 mortuary temples, Sphinx statues, a workers’ village and an obelisk
  • Gift Idea: This building set makes a great gift for yourself, for friends and family who dream of visiting the Pyramid of Cheops, and for anyone interested in architecture, history, or travel
  • Build, display and connect: this model measures over 20 cm high, 35 cm wide and 32 cm deep and connects with a second set, sold separately, to form a complete pyramid
  • Creative building project: This building set consisting of 1,476 parts offers you a building experience that is as captivating as it is challenging, which allows you to relax wonderfully and gives you a great feeling of achievement
  • Step-by-step instructions: In addition to picture instructions, the enclosed brochure also contains interesting facts about the history of the Cheops pyramid and comments from the LEGO® designers on the development of this model
  • LEGO® collectibles for adults: This LEGO Architecture set is part of a range of premium building sets for adults like you who like to switch off with a creative hobby

What do you think of the LEGO Architecture 21058 Pyramid of Cheops? Do you like the latest architecture model, or did you imagine the pyramid differently? Feel free to exchange ideas in the comments!

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