Legion (Slim) 7 and 7i: Lenovo’s strongest and thinnest 16-inch gaming notebooks

Legion (Slim) 7 and 7i: Lenovo’s strongest and thinnest 16-inch gaming notebooks
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Lenovo launches all gaming notebooks of the Legion 7 and 7i series as well as Legion Slim 7 and 7i with new processors and graphics cards from AMD, Intel and Nvidia. The result is said to be nothing less than the strongest or thinnest gaming notebooks in the 16-inch class. The market launch takes place in June and July.

Core i9-12900HX offers more P cores

In the Legion 7, Lenovo relies on the latest processors and graphics cards from AMD, while the Legion 7i combines processors from Intel and graphics cards from Nvidia – AMD and Nvidia or Intel and AMD do not exist together. The AMD model can be equipped with up to Ryzen 9 6900HX and Radeon RX 6850M XT, the Intel variant, on the other hand, with a maximum of the new Core i9-12900HX presented in parallel, which offers two additional performance cores for a total of 16 cores, and the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU. Further details of this and the weaker configurations can be found in the table. It should also be emphasized for the Intel model that only this notebook is optionally available with OC-RAM (DDR5-5600) and Thunderbolt 4. Depending on the graphics card, there is also a distinction between FreeSync Premium on the Legion 7 and Nvidia G-Sync on the Legion 7i.

Lenovo Legion 7 (Mid 2022)

Both notebooks are said to be the world’s fastest gaming notebooks in the 16-inch class in the AMD and Intel camps. The unibody case is made of aluminum and magnesium and is equipped with a powerful cooling system that Lenovo has dubbed “Legion Coldfront 4.0”. The manufacturer promises up to 115 watts for the CPUs without throttling. The two fans have been equipped with 67 percent thinner blades and optimized in terms of airflow. In addition, the cooling system draws in fresh air via intake vents in the keyboard.

Mini LED display with DisplayHDR 1000

The image output is always 16 inches and, as the new maximum expansion level, on an IPS display with 2,560 × 1,600 pixels (16:10) and mini-LED backlighting, which offers certification for DisplayHDR 1000 and is said to achieve up to 1,250 cd/m² . The 165 Hz panel covers 100 percent of color spaces such as DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB and is also suitable for Dolby Vision. The cheaper versions retain the resolution but lose the mini LED backlight. In contrast, the top model of all things does not offer support for AMD FreeSync Premium. The same screens are available for the Intel model, but in this case with Nvidia G-Sync where available.

Lenovo Legion 7i (Mid 2022)

Battery maxed out

The Legion 7 or 7i measures 358.1 × 263.5 × 19.4 mm (W × H × D) and is said to weigh less than 2.5 kg. Nevertheless, with 99.99 Wh, Lenovo accommodates the currently maximum possible battery capacity with which the notebook can still be taken on trips. The chassis also offers individually controllable RGB lighting for the case itself, the Lenovo logo, and the keyboard. Their keys are now curved and should offer a longer drop. The WASD keys in particular are equipped with “Force Sensor Technology” and can optionally be used in such a way that stronger pressure strengthens the execution.

Market launch in July from 2,599 euros

Lenovo wants to bring both variants to the German market in July. The Legion 7 starts at 2,599 euros, while the Legion 7i starts at 2,999 euros. With the Legion 7 Slim and Legion 7i Slim, Lenovo also offers two thinner models to choose from.

Slim variants are thinner and weigh less

Legion 7 Slim and Legion 7i Slim are based on the basic structure of the larger model and retain the 16-inch form factor. The housing is practically identical with a footprint of 357.7 × 256.0 mm (W × D). However, Lenovo reduces the height of the notebooks to 16.9 mm and reduces the weight to 2.05 kg. Lenovo no longer claims to offer the world’s thinnest gaming notebook in the 16-inch class, but at least this goal has been achieved in its own portfolio.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7 (Mid 2022)

Radeon RX 6800S or GeForce RTX 3070

While the same AMD processors and an additional Ryzen 5 6600H are available, Intel has dropped the HX models and replaced them with a Core i9-12900HK at the top and weaker H models. The fact that the slim variants have a less powerful cooling system is also noticeable in the graphics cards, which range in the AMD camp up to the Radeon RX 6800S and in the Nvidia camp up to the GeForce RTX 3070 laptop GPU with a maximum of 100 instead of 125 watts TGP .

Mini-LED also in the compact model

Further adjustments only for the slim model concern the RAM, of which 8 GB is always used soldered and the remaining memory is connected via only one instead of two slots, so that a maximum of 24 GB is offered ex works. Apart from that, the SSDs are the same size with up to 2 TB and the screens can also be configured identically up to the mini LED panel. However, only the slim models come with a fourth option with a reduced resolution and only 350 cd/m² brightness.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i (Mid 2022)

The Legion 7 Slim is scheduled to be launched in July at prices starting at 1,899 euros, while the Legion 7i Slim is the only one of the four new products scheduled for June from 1,999 euros – each in the colors Onyx Gray and Storm Gray.

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