Katrin Bauerfeind reveals inappropriate comment: “You still have two good years”

Katrin Bauerfeind reveals inappropriate comment: “You still have two good years”
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Katrin Bauerfeind recently started a podcast with Sarah Kuttner: “Bauerfeind + Kuttner”.Image: Getty Images Europe / Andreas Rentz

You can’t get past Katrin Bauerfeind at the moment: A new season of her talk show of the same name is currently running, in which she has previously had guest appearances such as actor Wotan Wilke Möhring, comedian Atze Schröder and singer Álvaro Soler. The native of Baden-Württemberg will also moderate the German Film Awards 2022 on June 24.

She is not only active as a journalist and moderator, but is also a podcaster. In March 2018, she started the first live podcast “Frau Bauerfeind has questions”, in which she acted as the host and always had changing guests. Now she has a new podcast. However, she does not do this alone, but with her colleague Sarah Kuttner. In “Bauerfeind + Kuttner” the two moderators chat every Thursday about the topics that have moved them in the past week.

In their current episode, the duo talked about getting older, among other things. In this context, Katrin revealed that she had to listen to an ugly comment about her age a few years ago.

“Let’s celebrate old age”

All in all, they drew a positive conclusion on the subject. “Everything has gotten better”, stated Katrin Bauerfeind. She would not have done any sport before, but now she does, she gave as an example and added: “I’m actually having a really good time at the moment.”

She has that too, replied her colleague and stated: “Let’s celebrate old age.” And she further said: “It’s not that bad. We’re practically in the ‘Middle Ages’ now. It’s not that bad.”

Katrin and Sarah share unpleasant experiences

Apparently not all people share the view of the two, as the following anecdote from Katrin shows. She was on tour with her program two years ago, she began her story, and the organizer asked her how long she wanted to go on tour before she moderated again. “Let’s see,” she replied. The organizer then said to her:

“You still have two good years, then you can think about it.”

Sarah was horrified by this story. “Did he mean that seriously?” she asked to be sure. Katrin was convinced that he meant it seriously. Sarah also had a story to contribute in this context:

“I was on a talk show once and someone said to me that I was a woman in her prime. That sounds kind of wrong.”

“That didn’t sound like a good thing”, the moderator fumed. The 43-year-old recalled that she was only in her late 30s. She still had so much to say on the subject, Sarah added. They should deepen that in another episode.


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