Kate Moss: She refutes Amber Heard’s story in just a few seconds

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Kate Moss: She refutes Amber Heard’s story in just a few seconds

Johnny Depp watches as his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss testifies via video link

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Her testimony had been eagerly awaited: Kate Moss testified in court in Virginia on Wednesday. She referred to an earlier statement by Amber Heard.

It was the moment that many viewers who had followed Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial for weeks had been waiting for: supermodel Kate Moss testified for Johnny Depp’s side via video on Wednesday. The only reason Moss could even be subpoenaed by Johnny Depp’s team was because of one of Amber Heard’s earlier testimonies.

Kate Moss: Model testimony in court

Heard recalled an incident from 2015. Depp had an argument with Heard’s sister Whitney, the actress said. She didn’t hesitate to intervene. “Whitney had his back to the stairs and Johnny was hitting her,” she testified. “I’m not hesitating, I’m not waiting — I immediately think of Kate Moss and the stairs in my head. And I punched him,” she recalled, echoing a rumor that Depp pushed Moss down a flight of stairs in the ’90s. By bringing up Kate Moss’s name, Amber Heard allowed Depp’s team to call the model as a rebuttal witness.

The supermodel joined the court from Gloucestershire. When Judge Penney Azcarate asked her to count to five to verify the connection, Moss did as she was told. Johnny Depp smiled as his ex-girlfriend started speaking.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ Staircase Incident: What Really Happened

She was questioned by Depp’s attorney, Ben Chew, who referred to a trip Depp and Moss made to Jamaica. There she slipped on a staircase, Moss recalled. “I screamed because I was in pain. He [Johnny Depp] came back and carried me into the room,” she said, saying Depp had organized medical help for her. Chew asked: “Did he ever push you down a flight of stairs during your relationship,” he asked the famous witness. ” No, he never pushed me, kicked me, or threw me down a flight of stairs,” Moss replied emphatically.

That Kate Moss testified at all is telling. The Briton is considered shy and reserved, she doesn’t like to talk about her private life.

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