Julian Classen: Goodbye lovesickness? He jokes about the breakup

Julian Classen: Goodbye lovesickness?  He jokes about the breakup
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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Julian Claßen reacts calmly to a curious question +++ Cora Schumacher raves about ex-husband Ralf +++ Sam Dylan and Rafi Rachek announce separation.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

June 9, 2022

Julian Claßen takes the fuss about his separation with humor

The message met numerous fans unexpectedly: Julian, 29, and Bibi Classen, 29, have separated after 13 years of relationship and two children together. Both confirmed the love a few days ago on social media. The grief was written all over Julian’s face. In the meantime, the YouTuber seems to be recovering from the love affair. In a hairdressing salon, there was an uncomfortable encounter with his hairdresser, which Julian mastered with ease.

The web producer had just made himself comfortable in the barber’s chair when he was confronted with a curious question, as he explains in his Instagram story. “When the hairdresser asks you if you noticed about this YouTuber breakup,” he jokes in front of his approximately 6.3 million followers, adding a few amused emojis. The influencer seems to take the headlines surrounding his separation with a skillful pinch of humor.

June 8, 2022

Cora Schumacher raves about her relationship with ex-husband Ralf

Cora Schumacher, 45, recently fueled rumors of love about her and ex-husband Ralf Schumacher, 46, with a cuddly photo and loving lines on Instagram. Now she also raves about the father of her son David in an interview with RTL. “Everything is the way it has always been and that’s how it will stay,” is her cryptic statement. Is something really going on?

The answer is no. Because Cora is happily forgiven again. Her new one is the US aerospace specialist Simon Jenner, 39. And when it comes to him, the racing athlete can’t stop raving: “It’s just nice when you talk to someone about the same interests when you have the same vision and goals, when you can just dream together.”

June 7, 2022

Sam Dylan and Rafi Rachek have split

In the last few weeks it has been remarkably quiet around Sam Dylan, 31, and Rafi Rachek, 32. It is now clear: the influencer couple will go their separate ways from now on. Both announce this with emotional lines on Instagram.

Actually, Sam and Rafi wanted to take the next step. Not long ago they made headlines with an unusual casting format in which they wanted to look for a mother for their child. Now everything is over with the “Bachelor in Paradise” candidate and the “Prince Charming” participant. Dylan writes in his Instagram story, among other things: “I wish I had never written these words, but unfortunately Rafi is no longer part of my life.” In the last few weeks, both should have realized that they had not “developed together”, “but in different directions”. Love was broken and will not “get another chance,” Sam assures. However, there is no bad blood. Rafi Rachek emphasizes: “Nevertheless, we remain friendly”.

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Kim Gloss: That’s why she doesn’t want a natural birth

It won’t be long before Kim Gloss, 29, can finally hug her second child. While many pregnant women are eagerly awaiting this day, the former DSDS participant already knows exactly when her little miracle will see the light of day. Because just like daughter Amelia, 9, the influencer wants to give birth to her baby by caesarean section.

There seem to be several reasons for the decision, as Kim reveals in her Instagram story. On the one hand, she thinks it’s great that you get a fixed appointment and can prepare yourself accordingly. On the other hand, the caesarean section reduces the risk of complications during childbirth. But those are not the only arguments, as the expectant mother of two reveals: “Yes, it was also important to me that the intimate area remained intact and that sex life was not affected. Real talk,” admits the 29-year-old openly.

Despite her detailed explanation, some critics do not seem to be able to understand her decision. An absurdity for Kim, as she tells in her story: “I get real messages where I’m being judged, why I’m doing something like that [sic].” Annoyed, she admits: “I don’t understand it in this day and age. It’s up to you.” She has had good experiences with a caesarean section in the past. Therefore, despite the criticism, she has made up her mind to have a second birth.

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June 6, 2022

On vacation, shreds fly between Robert and Carmen Geiss

Carmen, 57, and Robert Geiss, 58, have been married for 27 years now. The two regularly show in their show “Die Geissens” that there are sometimes minor quarrels. But this time it seems to have really gotten down to business. As “Bild” reports, citing eyewitnesses, there is said to have been a violent argument between the two spouses during the Pentecost vacation in Ibiza in the chic five-star hotel “Nobu”, which even the guests could not ignore.

Accordingly, Robert and Carmen are said to have argued on Saturday, June 4, 2022, after returning from a boozy visit to the “Coco Beach” beach club. In addition, the key card for her suite didn’t work either. “Robert knocked loudly on the door for minutes because he couldn’t get in,” says an eyewitness. Later he sat “desperate” in front of the door before Carmen, incensed, marched through the lobby towards the room with a hotel employee. But that didn’t seem to be the end of the argument. On the balcony of their suite, the two allegedly continued to argue.

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However, the waves between the two celebrity millionaires seem to have smoothed out again and Carmen herself gives “Bild” the all-clear. “In a marriage there is not only sunshine, but also rain, otherwise a marriage would have been divorced long ago. Everything is fine with us,” she clarifies.

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