Johny Depp vs. Amber Heard: The jury is asked about the pleadings

Johny Depp vs. Amber Heard: The jury is asked about the pleadings
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In the defamation trial between Johnny Depp, 58, and Amber Heard, 36, the closing arguments have been held. Defense attorneys for both sides tried again on Friday in court in Fairfax County, Virginia, with urgent appeals to get the seven members of the jury on their side. Depp’s defense accused Heard of lying and false accusations, Heard’s defense called for Depp to take responsibility.

“He blamed everyone in the world: his agent, his manager, his lawyer, Amber, his friends,” said Heard’s defense attorney Elaine Bredehoft at the Depp trial, which was broadcast live as always. “He has never taken responsibility for anything in his life. But we urge you to force him to take responsibility.”

There is “overwhelming evidence of abuse,” said Heard’s defense attorney Benjamin Rottenborn. “Mr Depp just can’t prove he didn’t abuse Amber at least once.” A judgment against Heard is also a devastating message for abuse victims around the world, said Rottenborn – “that no matter what you do as an abuse victim, you still have to do more”.

Depp’s defense strictly rejected the allegations. Depp is not the perpetrator, but the victim in this case. Heard told the court exactly what she felt the jury needed to hear in order to convict Depp of an “abuser and rapist,” Depp’s defense attorney Camille Vasquez said. “She wants you to believe that she was abused countless times during their relationship.” But there is no evidence of that, Vasquez said. “What we have is a mountain of unproven allegations that are wild, exaggerated and implausible.”

Vasquez urged the jury to side with Depp. “This is a man’s good name at stake. More than that, this man’s life is at stake, the life he lost when he was accused of a terrible crime.”

Heard or Depp: who does the jury believe?

Judge Penney Azcarate of the Fairfax County Court in the US state of Virginia referred the case to seven jurors on Friday afternoon (local time). A verdict can then be made at any time. However, the committee only meets on weekdays. Due to a holiday on Monday, further consultations next week will not be until Tuesday. The civil process between ex-husbands Depp and Heard has been going on for six weeks. In his civil lawsuit, Depp accuses his ex-wife, in a 2018 by the Washington Post published comment on domestic violence to have made false statements. This damaged his reputation.

Depp is suing for around 50 million dollars (a good 46 million euros) in damages for defamation, Heard has filed a counterclaim for 100 million dollars. Depp repeatedly emphasized in the process that he had never used physical violence against Heard. Heard claims the opposite.

The two actors met in 2009 while filming the joint film “The Rum Diary”. They married in 2015, but after 15 months of marriage, Heard filed for divorce.


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