Johnny Depp: His fans attack daughter Lily-Rose

Johnny Depp: His fans attack daughter Lily-Rose
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Updated on 05/18/2022 at 18:25

  • The trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard continues.
  • Now Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose is being bombarded with comments from his fans.
  • Under her latest post, some users comment on the ongoing process and Lily-Rose’s role.

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The court battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has had the internet firmly in its grip for weeks. Striking: The actor in particular gets loud support from his fans, while Amber Heard is booed for her portrayal of the violent relationship.

This imbalance now draws particularly strange circles – up to the Instagram page of Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose. There, too, it is currently only about her father, although the daughter herself does not comment on the process. But that’s exactly the problem. The fans flood the 22-year-old’s last post, a Chanel advertisement from April 9, with a shitstorm.

“Not a single photo of your father”

“I wish you were as proud of him as we are,” says one of the more harmless comments. But many also attack the daughter directly: “Not a single photo of your father. What kind of person are you?” Or ask them: “Please support your father. No matter what your relationship with him is, you know that Amber is not the victim. Support him, please raise your voice.” In addition, the hashtag, which has been trending since the trial began in mid-April: #justiceforjohnnydepp.

In the meantime, some fans in the comments are rushing to the aid of Lily-Rose Depp and speaking out against the attacks. For example, one writes: “If you [die Fans] would really support Johnny if they weren’t molesting his daughter.”

Instagram post deleted

In 2016, Lily-Rose even publicly supported her father. She captioned a photo of her hugging him at the time: “My dad is the sweetest, most loving person I know, he was never anything but a wonderful dad to me and my little brother and I and everyone who would know him say the same.” However, the photo has since been deleted.

Johnny Depp is currently in court accusing his ex-wife of defamation. She claimed that Depp hit her while under the influence of drugs and alcohol and threatened to kill her. Depp’s legal team sarcastically called Heard’s testimony a “performance of a lifetime”.
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US actress Amber Heard has called her ex-husband Johnny Depp a monster in court. During her marriage to the Hollywood star, she says she feared for her life in the face of violent attacks. “I had to leave him,” said the 36-year-old. © ProSiebenSat.1


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