Joachim Llambi steps up after “Let’s Dance” blunder: “You can’t do anything”

Joachim Llambi steps up after “Let’s Dance” blunder: “You can’t do anything”
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Bastian Bielendorfer had a surprise appearance as father Abraham in the “Let’s Dance” finale.Image: Getty Images Europe / Joshua Sammer

The “Let’s Dance” season 2022 ended last Friday, René Casselly emerged as “Dancing Star”. Bastian Bielendorfer, on the other hand, did not make it into the final round, he had to say goodbye in show nine. In the last show, however, there was a surprising reunion with the comedian, he supported Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin in their freestyle dance: a Smurf number with which the professionals Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann then went to court harshly.

Bielendorfer appeared disguised as Father Abraham and even performed a small vocal passage from the Smurfs song, albeit only playback. The lip movements didn’t really want to sit, which brought the comedian a rebuke from Joachim Llambi on the show. Later, the juror even added again – but Bielendorfer takes it with humor.

Bielendorfer continues to receive criticism after “Let’s Dance”-Aus

“Tell me, where are you from?” Was one of only two lines that Bielendorfer was assigned, but somehow he didn’t seem to be very sure of the text. When Joachim Llambi spoke in the finale, he only mentioned “one weak point” in the performance: “The Bielendorfer couldn’t do the text.”

Bielendorfer accepts Llambi's criticism.

Bielendorfer accepts Llambi’s criticism.Image: Bielendorfer/instagram

Now the comedian himself speaks up and reveals in his Instagram story that the juror later spoke about the father Abraham performance again – and the 37-year-old cannot even object to the criticism:

“Joachim Llambi was absolutely right, I can’t even sing two sentences of playback. He then came to me and said: ‘Bielendorfer, you really can’t do anything.’ And he’s right.”

And even on Instagram, Llambi shares again. In his story he posts the lyrics to the Smurfs song and can’t help but make a cheeky ironic remark: “Difficult lyrics, difficult to remember and above all difficult to sing.”

Bielendorfer defends himself with humor

Bielendorfer, however, takes it with humor and shoots back. He alludes to the consistently low ratings he received from Llambi for his dances with Ekaterina Leonova: “It’s cheeky to be accused of being forgetful by someone who forgot the ten-bar at every one of my performances.” The juror then adds one last time: “Listen, Pinky … forgot the nine to six too.”

Llambi follows up on Instagram.

Llambi follows up on Instagram.Image: joachim_llambi/instagram

But as Bielendorfer then states in his story, he has at least one talent: humor, and his “Let’s Dance” nemesis Joachim Llambi should hardly contradict him.

Incidentally, the comedian’s text blunder had no negative effects on the ratings for Mathias and Renata: The dancing couple still received 30 points for the freestyle and thus the maximum number of points. In the end it was only enough for third place, René Casselly won with Kathrin Menzinger ahead of Janin Ullmann, who danced with show newcomer Zsolt Sándor Cseke.


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