Jenny Elvers admits in the “Club of Good Moods”: “I was full of boards!”

Jenny Elvers admits in the “Club of Good Moods”: “I was full of boards!”
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In the third week of the “Club of Good Moods”, besides parties and funny games, serious topics were again put on the table.

Actress Jenny Elvers (50) spoke about her scandalous appearance on the NDR program “DAS!” – and got in touch with Marc Terenzi (43).

Permille appearance on live TV

This scene shocked the audience: in 2012, Jenny Elvers was a guest on the talk show “DAS!” – obviously very drunk, she could hardly utter a clear word. Apparently she saw it differently shortly before the performance: “Oh, that’s still possible, I thought.”

Die Mitglieder im „Club der Laune“Photo: SAT.1/Julian Essink

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The members of the “Mood Club”Photo: SAT.1/Julian Essink

In an interview with entertainer Julian FM Stoeckel (35), she reviewed the evening again: “But I was full to the brim. Let’s not kid ourselves. I noticed that in a second, was picked up by the driver and noticed in the mask: Not good, but you’re a professional, you can do it.”

Jenny has long since made her peace with the alcohol appearance: “Looking back, everything is good for me. It’s just the way it is.” Nevertheless, this very moment was the trigger for many other stressful events: “I came out of withdrawal, out of therapy. And then my husband left. I was fresh out of rehab alone with 3000 bottles of wine and a wine cellar in the house. I called my mother, we had so many paparazzi outside the door: Mom, this stuff has to go!”

Although Jenny is sober now, she knows, “It’s a part of me and it will always be a part of me.”

Flirt trouble about Jenny and Marc

A probably much more pleasant part for Jenny: singer Marc Terenzi. She is now happily in a relationship with him. In this episode you could experience how tender love bonds were formed – all under the jealous eyes of Marc’s show bed partner Cora Schumacher (45), who complained to fitness model Vanessa Mariposa (29): “If in doubt, Marc has to make a decision between Jenny and me.”

Vanessa had a slippery tip ready: “Maybe you’ll have to fiddle with him at some point so that something goes on.”

But it should continue with Marc and Jenny, who flirted aggressively with each other – and encouraged Cora to attack Vanessa and Julian: “Do you know what Jenny just said to me at the table? She would know exactly my weaknesses. That was the full declaration of war. Now she hangs on Marc all the time. I think that’s a really tough bitch move.”

Lorenz Buffalo has to go

Sänger Lorenz Büffel musste sich verabschiedenPhoto: © SAT.1 / Julian Essink

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Singer Lorenz Büffel had to say goodbyePhoto: © SAT.1 / Julian Essink

There were also two nominees that evening, which this time “club boss” Sebastian Fobe (36) was allowed to choose: pop singer Lorenz Büffel (42) and actor Martin Semmelrogge (66). A decision that caused tears of despair for the model Theresia Fischer (30). Although she wasn’t even nominated, she had to be comforted by her housemates afterwards.

Lorenz Büffel’s eyes didn’t stay dry either, he had to leave the “Club of Good Moods” that evening: “The people have grown on me. Hurts.”


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