“Jauch versus Welke”: One tricked in the soccer final

“Jauch versus Welke”: One tricked in the soccer final
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It was exciting until the last moment…

On the RTL show “Jauch gegen Welke” Günther Jauch (65) had to deal with a new opponent on Monday evening: “Heute Show” presenter Oliver Welke (56).

The jackpot included 50,000 euros for your own block of viewers. When it came to football in the last round, one left the field to the other – and in the end just barely got anything.

When it comes to knocking, the two don’t give each other anything. Welke teased Jauch, who was a few years older: “It may be my only chance that his long-term memory is not enough to remember all of this.” His rival countered: “The Welke should wither today.” After that, however, it looked at first not from. Although the quiz had been running for an hour, Jauch had only earned a meager point by then.

Host Oliver Pocher (44) sneered: “Next time we’ll play ‘Jauch against Burdecki’ so that you have a chance.”

But then the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” moderator began catching up. Even his celebrity colleagues didn’t help Welke. Comedian Olaf Schubert (54), actor Matthias Matschke (53) and ZDF presenter Katrin Müller-Hohenstein (56) supported the challenger one after the other in the duels. Score before the grand finale: 25 to 11 for Günther Jauch.

Moderator Pocher mit JauchPhoto: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

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Moderator Pocher with JauchPhoto: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

The final went over three rounds. The individual subject areas were royals, “man or woman” and football. Welke and Jauch had to distribute their points on each without knowing what the other was betting on. Whoever won got the points credited. Points were deducted from those who lost. The latter also applied to the one who didn’t play if the other won. So Oliver Welke still had a good chance of winning the show.

In addition to knowledge, the gambler gene was also in demand. Pocher explained for each round: “I’ll ask you a maximum of ten questions. And you have to tell me how many of them you can answer correctly.” Whoever has more confidence plays the round. There were only two possible answers per question. Welke had to play for the Royals because he thought he was right three times. Jauch didn’t want to outbid that, instead he wished his opponent: “Good luck at this point.”

Oliver Pocher, Oliver Welke und Günther Jauch (v.l.)Photo: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

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Oliver Pocher, Oliver Welke and Günther Jauch (from left)Photo: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

In fact, Welke got the points. After all, he cleared five points for the topic “man or woman” because Jauch let him go ahead again. So the last lap tipped the scales.

As football experts, both gambled high. Jauch wanted to answer eight questions correctly. Welke to his spectator block: “Don’t we want to see how he plays eight?” The answer: applause. Nevertheless, Welke considered: “Or should I say nine?” A loud “No!” sounded from the ranks. He amused: “But you do know that I used to work professionally with football?”

But it stayed that way. Jauch played and Welke joked: “I bend the road or rather the curve.” It was a real showdown. Jauch, who was almost effortlessly correct on seven questions, answered the eighth and ninth incorrectly. So he only had one chance to get the cash.

Oliver Pocher warned the spectators not to say anything and then wanted to know from Jauch: “Who has worn the number 25 on their club shirt since 2008?” The choices were Thomas Müller (32) and Toni Kroos (32). After a short period of reflection, Jauch said almost cautiously and a little unsure: “That’s Thomas Müller.”

When Pocher resolved the answer as correct, Jauch let out a cheer. That was really close. At the last second, the moderator earned 50,000 euros for his block in the studio. Oliver Welke could only congratulate him.


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