J.Lo and Shakira at odds: Lopez didn’t want to perform with Shakira

J.Lo and Shakira at odds: Lopez didn’t want to perform with Shakira
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It was probably the hottest performance in Super Bowl history.

Pop stars Jennifer Lopez (52) and Shakira (45) appeared together in the halftime show of America’s biggest sporting event in 2020.

At the American football finals, they delivered such a spectacular performance that the media even called them “the best artists in NFL history”.

What nobody knew: there was a lot of stress between the two beauty queens.

J.Lo bei ihrer Performance. Sie eröffnete die Show und stand sechs Minuten stand sie alleine auf der BühnePhoto: AFP

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J.Lo at her performance. She opened the show and stood alone on stage for six minutesPhoto: AFP

In the Netflix documentary Halftime, Lopez gives an insight into the hard work behind the scenes. It becomes clear: the singer had no desire to be on stage with Shakira.

Why? Because two women share a gig that usually goes to just one artist.

Shakira trat ebenfalls sechs Minuten auf, sang ihren berühmten Hit Whenever, Wherever“Photo: USA TODAY Sports

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Shakira also performed for six minutes, singing her famous hit “Whenever, Wherever”Photo: USA TODAY Sports

She worked hard for years and hoped to headline the Super Bowl, Lopez said.

“It was an insult to say that it takes two Latinas to do the job that an artist has done in the past,” replies her manager.

And Lopez expresses her anger even more clearly: “That’s the worst idea in the world, letting two people do the Super Bowl. It was the worst idea in the world.”

Did the singers get along again? Although loud “Daily Mail“ the collaboration was professional, yet cool.

In the documentary you can see Ben Affleck’s (48) fiancée totally angry in conversation with her manager. “We’ve got six bloody minutes. We have 30 seconds of a song and if we take a minute we only have five left. But we still have to sing certain songs. We gotta have our singing moments. It’s not supposed to be a damn dance mix. We must sing our message.”

Only after a clarifying conversation does the mood calm down. Lopez to Shakira: “Let’s talk about this for a minute. We get 12 minutes. I have pretty solid confirmation that we can go a minute or two longer, so we’re at about 13, 14 minutes now. I think Shakira what we should do is you have half the time and I have half.”

Alles Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen? Nach außen machten Shakira und J.Lo gute Miene zum bösen SpielPhoto: FilmMagic

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All peace, joy, pancakes? On the outside, Shakira and J.Lo made good faces at the bad gamePhoto: FilmMagic

Still, Lopez is clearly disappointed, adding, “If it was going to be a double headliner, they should have given us 20 minutes. They damn well should have done that.”

The two will probably never be best friends again. Shakira also didn’t show up for the premiere of J.Lo’s Netflix documentary…

Jennifer Lopez bei der Premiere ihrer Netflix-Doku in New York CityPhoto: Agency People Image

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/jennifer-lopez-at-the-premier-of-your-netflix-documentary-in-new-york-city-0a58f43a9bbc4a33ae2e2c2b3280d22a-80369674/Bild/ 4.image.jpg”/>

Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of her Netflix documentary in New York City last week Photo: Agency People Image


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