It’s getting expensive: Tesla is increasing German supercharger prices by a good 11 percent

It’s getting expensive: Tesla is increasing German supercharger prices by a good 11 percent
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Tesla’s supercharger network is growing and growing, for example by 10 percent in Germany alone in the past three months – but for some time now the price for charging there has been rising noticeably faster than the number of stations. At the beginning of this year, a kilowatt hour of electricity at Tesla usually cost 45 cents, after it had already become around 30 percent more expensive in Germany in the course of 2021. This March and April, the price rose again – and again on Tuesday, by a double-digit percentage.

Supercharger now more expensive than EnBW network

After the price round at the beginning of April, supercharger electricity in Germany cost 50-52 cents per kilowatt hour. So, like the one in March, it was moderate, while the price in the Netherlands, for example, rose drastically. But now it was the Federal Republic’s turn again with a noticeable increase: German Tesla drivers reported new prices of between 56 and 58 cents on social media on Tuesday. Assuming that the regional differences remain the same, this amounts to an increase of at least 11.5 percent.

At the same time, it is said that at Tesla in Germany it is no longer cheaper to charge quickly than in the network of the energy group EnBW. He had increased his prices significantly last May, when supercharging still cost 37 cents per kilowatt hour. At 55 cents without a contract, EnBW was far above that, but unlike Tesla it has not kept increasing its prices since then. In fact, EnBW board member Timo Sillober explained in an interview with at the end of 2021 that no increase is planned for the whole of 2022 either, which has so far been the case.

Tesla, on the other hand, has now increased its German supercharger price by around 40 percent since December 2021 alone. Even with a new VW offer, you could get away with it cheaper than the German Supercharger even before the latest step in electric car charging: At the end of March, the group introduced new tariffs for all its own and third-party brands, and with moderate monthly fees, the kilowatt hour in it only costs still from 35 cents. Because of the annual subscription, something like this is only worthwhile if there is a relatively high and regular electricity requirement, but with the latest Tesla increase, this calculation is shifting towards charging away from the supercharger.

Tesla boss wants 30% profit on electricity

The size and reliability as well as the integration into the route planning remain as a special advantage of the Tesla network. In any case, the company does not seem to be worried that ever higher prices could drive customers to the competition – and has also been showing third-party charging stations, for example from EnBW, in the navigation system for some time. In any case, the superchargers are no longer a pure subsidy business like in the early days, which were free for customers: the gross margin on electricity should be 30 percent and the network as a whole should be profitable at 10 percent, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the beginning of April.

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