Is the DFB-Elf relegated? This is how the Nations League works

Is the DFB-Elf relegated?  This is how the Nations League works
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Two winners of this competition have already been determined: Portugal (2018/19) and France (2020/21). From June 1st of this year until June 18th, 2023, the third title holder will be determined.

How does the Nations League work?

The 55 national teams are divided into four leagues (A to D) with four groups each based on their coefficient (parameter for the strength of the team). The basic idea: Groups with unequally strong teams, as in the qualification for an EM or World Cup, should be avoided. So: no more games like Germany versus Gibraltar or Spain versus Malta.

In 2022/23 Germany is currently playing in Group 3 of League A against Italy, England and Hungary.

All groups look like this:

League A

League B

League C

Group 1
Turkey, Luxembourg, Faroe Islands and Lithuania
group 2
Greece, Kosova, Northern Ireland and Cyprus
group 3
Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Azerbaijan and Belarus
group 4
Georgia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Gibraltar

League D

Group 1
Latvia, Moldova, Andorra and Liechtenstein
group 2
Estonia, Malta and San Marino

In each group everyone plays everyone else twice; once at home and once away. The four group winners of League A play for the Nations League title. The group winners of the remaining leagues are promoted to the next higher league, the lowest-placed teams in each group in leagues A to C are relegated.

What does the Nations League have to do with the EM 2024?

The host of the EM 2024 is Germany, so the DFB team is directly qualified. 20 of the total of 24 starting places are awarded through the European Championship qualification. The remaining three participant places are determined by the Nations League.

To be more precise: The twelve teams that did best in the Nations League and did not make it to the European Championship through the normal qualification play out the remaining starting places in playoffs.

What happens if the group winners are already qualified for the EM 2024?

If the group winners have already qualified for the European Championship through regular qualification, the next best team advances to the play-offs.

What happens if all the teams in a group have already qualified for the EM 2024?

If Germany, Italy, England and Hungary should have a starting place for the European Championship thanks to a successful qualification, no team from this group will make it into the play-offs. In such a case, the next best team from another League One group would be awarded the spot.

The complicated process of the Nations League play-offs is explained compactly in this Uefa video.

What is the timetable for the international matches?

The Nations League group matches will take place in June and September 2022. Just before the summer break, in June 2023, there will be the semi-finals and the finals of League A, in which the third Nations League title holder will be crowned.

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