iOS 16 operating system: Numerous new functions for the iPhone

iOS 16 operating system: Numerous new functions for the iPhone
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Although Apple did not present a new product at WWDC, it did reveal many secrets about the new iOS 16 operating system for the iPhone. Many new functions are coming to the users.

There was no big bang at the beginning of the WWDC developer conference, Apple should have surprisingly presented a new product or at least unpacked the expected data glasses. However, the tech giant caused a stir by introducing many new features for the iPhone announced.

iOS 16 operating system: new features for the iPhone

The new features will come through a major release. The iOS 16 version is coming up, and the iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura and watchOS 9 versions will also bring some exciting innovations that can make their way onto the iPhone. Thanks to the improvements and new features, the smartphone should be rounder and more balanced in the future.

The iOS 16 operating system is scheduled to be launched in autumn. As the most up-to-date system for the iPhone, it will then be able to be used free of charge on all Apple smartphones.

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Focus Mode: iPhone lock screen can be customized

One of the most exciting innovations for users is likely to be related to the lock screen. This can easily be changed in the future and adapted to your own preferences. All users can use this focus mode to determine what the background image should look like and what information should be displayed. Customization allows information to be displayed that previously required unlocking the phone.

The lock screen on iPhones can be customized with the iOS 16 operating system.

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Apple changes iMessage and updates to Live Activity

There are also changes to the messaging tool iMessage. With iOS 16, messages can now be subsequently corrected and also withdrawn. In addition, every user can switch between voice input and typing when using the dictation function. The keyboard remains open and you can switch at any time.

Live activities should allow iPhone users to manage events such as music, sports or taxi driving. This should be possible without the need for new updates.

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CarPlay: Integration of the iPhone into the car is a topic

In the future, it should also be possible to integrate an iPhone into a car in a more modern way. At WWDC, Apple spoke of a new generation of CarPlay that should be available by the end of 2023. Then, for example, the air conditioning in the car should be controlled by the iPhone. Functions of the main display could also be taken over. This displays information such as speed and rpm.

Personalized 3D audio for the AirPods

For the AirPods, iOS 16 is already an improvement. In addition to new settings, this also includes personalized 3D audio. In the settings, users can choose their own set-up between many different and comprehensive configuration options. Apple promises a better sound experience, which should be made possible by a TrueDepth camera. This includes the environment and the ears to personalize and perfect the sound experience.

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Email update and improved iCloud Photo Library

Apple has also made an innovation in the iCloud photo library. Media libraries can now be shared and corresponding folders can be created. Up to six people can participate. In the future, there will also be an integration in the iPhone’s camera app that uploads a photo to the shared folder immediately after it is taken. In this way, moments collected together should be able to be experienced again.

People who use Apple’s integrated mail app can also look forward to an update. There are new functions in this area, for example the possibility of planning and sending mails for a defined period of time. The “follow-up” is also new. This allows users to be reminded at a predetermined period of time to reply to an email.

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