Interview in Austria: Martin Hinteregger snubs Eintracht

Interview in Austria: Martin Hinteregger snubs Eintracht
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Dhe pictures could not have been sweeter. The home vacation photos published in the Viennese “Kronen Zeitung” show Martin Hinteregger happily lined up with his family together with the cute dog Chewbacca. They immortalize him in front of an oil painting that pays tribute to him in the jersey of the Austrian national team, and they capture the moment when children in his home village of Sirnitz present him with the European trophy they have made themselves.

But the text has it all. In the interview, the 29-year-old central defender of Frankfurt Eintracht revealed in his blunt way what had only been revealed to the public in encrypted form until now: “A lot has broken up this year. I was told in late autumn and between the quarter-finals against Barcelona that I should leave in the summer,” the Carinthian is quoted as saying.

With these statements, Hinteregger rekindled a source of fire that seemed to have been extinguished. Because in the week of the Europa League triumph, Eintracht said that after a clarifying conversation with his coach and compatriot Oliver Glasner, the Frankfurt crowd favorite would fulfill the contract that runs until 2024. “I’m surprised at the club’s about-face, that I should stay,” said the defender in an interview and confirmed that he was fine with that: “I certainly don’t want to miss out on the Champions League with these fans!”

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But does Eintracht really want that now? Or will she return to her original assessment of the Hinteregger cause, which was to separate better from the defense chief? It is easy to describe the situation, but difficult to make a conclusive assessment. Hinteregger is undoubtedly an exceptionally good defender by Eintracht standards, who is also one of the faces of the team and one of the identification figures of the club and its fans.


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